Friday, July 20, 2018

This Week at Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

Hello Old South Haven Family

How nice to see Nancy back at church and to be together with everyone on warm summer Sundays. Jason will preach this coming Sunday, July 22.
Kirsty will preach on July 29 and The Rev Karen Hybertson will lead us in Communion the first Sunday in August. We have been so fortunate to have congregants who can lead our worship services and are very grateful for their help over the past months. A special thank you to Deb whose job of chairperson of worship has become a very big one!

The Presbytery has appointed The Rev Karen Hybertson to moderate our Session meetings for the near future. Since she is away, The Rev. Kate Jones-Calone moderated the meeting this past Monday. The Committee on Ministry (of the LI Presbytery) deferred until August the decision on who will be our Committee on Ministry representative. This is the person who will guide us in the decision on a new pastor. Kate was able to give us a general sense of the process. As stated last week, when we have some more information we will have a get-together to share what we know.

Tom's nieces are in the process of sorting out things at the manse.
They ask that anyone in need of some furniture to please contact them.
Rachel: 516-652-1804 Liz: 949-500-8466

A special thank you to Sandy who has been sprucing up the gardens at the Manse. Lovely.

Hope to see you Sunday.

Darcy Stevens

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