Thursday, October 26, 2017

This Week at Old South Haven Church

Saturday, Oct. 28                 8:30am              Presbytery Meeting
                                                                       Glenwood Landing

Sunday, Oct. 29                  10:00am              REFORMATION SUNDAY
                                                                        Celebrating 500 years of Protestantism
                                                                        Sermon: "The Meaning of the Reformation Today"
                                                                        Five Bible Verses to read on Reformation Sunday:
                                                                        Romans 1:17; Ephesians 2:8; I Peter 1: 5; II Timothy 3:16;
                                                                                    Matthew 11: 29-30

Wednesday, Nov. 1           6:00-8:00pm                 "Share the Harvest"
                                                                        Long Island Council of Churches
                                                                                 annual fund raiser
                                                                        $140 per person   Crest Hollow Country Club

Thursday, Nov. 2                   7:00pm              Personnel Committee

Saturday, Nov. 4                    5:00pm                   "Autumn Serenade"
                                                                  featuring Francesea Lunghi, mezzo soprano
                                                                  Michael Douglas jones, bass-baritone 
                                                                  Daniel Ragone, pianist
                                                                             $20 donation at the door

Sunday, Nov. 5                     10:00am                 Stewardship Sunday
                                                                   Sermon:  "Wade in the Water"
                                                                   Lessons: Joshua 3: 7-17  Matthew 23: 1-12

Tuesday, Nov. 7                                                          Election Day
                                                 1:00pm       Lunch Bunch

Wednesday, Nov. 8                  8:30am      Western Suffolk Presbyterian Clergy
                                                                            Royal Oak Diner

                                           12:30-2:00pm    L.I. Union Seminary Alumni Lunch
                                                                             Presbytery Center
                                                                             Hosts: Pastor Tom and Rev. Tom Goodhue

Thursday, Nov. 9                    10:00am           East Moriches Transitions Commission

Saturday, Nov. 11                   12:30pm           South Country Peace Group

Sunday Nov. 12                       10:00am           Pledge Sunday
                                                                          Sermon:    "Let Not your Hearts Be Troubled"
                                                                          Lessons:  Amos 5: 18-24  Matthew 25: 1-13
                                                                                               I Thessalonians 4: 13-18

                                                    5:30pm            Pot Luck Supper

Friday, October 20, 2017

This Week at Old South Haven Church

Sun. Oct. 22             10:00am                            Morning Worship
                                                                           Sermon: "I Want Moses As My Lawyer"
                                                                           Lessons:  Exodus 33: 12-23
                                                                                            I Thessalonians 1: 1-10 

Sat.,  Oct. 28             8:30am                             Presbytery Meeting
                                                                           Glenwood Landing

Sun., Oct. 29           10:00am                           REFORMATION  SUNDAY
                                                               Sermon:  "The Meaning of the Reformation Today"

Wed., Nov 1         6:00 8:00pm                      "Share the Harvest"
                                                                        Long Island Council of Churches Annual Raiser
                                                                                   $140 per person
                                                                        Crest Hollow Country Club

Sat., Nov. 4             5:00pm                          "AUTUMN  SERENADE"
                                                                          (see below & attached flyer)

Sun, Nov. 5           10:00am                             Stewardship Sunday
                                                                         Daylight Savings Time Ends

Sun., Nov. 12        10:00am                             Pledge Sunday

Thursday, October 12, 2017

This Week at Old South Haven Church

Saturday, Oct. 14          9:30am             Property/Finance Committee
                                    12:30pm             South Country Peace Group

Sunday, Oct. 15          10:00am             Morning Worship
                                                              Sermon:   "Parable of the Wedding Banquet"                   
                                                                                (another perspective)
                                                              Lessons:  Isaiah 25:1-9  Matt. 22: 1-14

Monday, Oct. 16           7:00pm             Session Meeting
                                                              Guest: Rev. Annie McMillan
                                                              Presbytery's COM Rep to OSHPC

Friday, Oct. 20     6:00pm-8:45pm        Brookhaven/Bellport Churches
                                                              Ecumenical Progressive Dinner
                                                              (moving from Bellport Methodist to
                                                               Christ Episcopal to Mary Immaculate)

Sunday, Oct. 22           10:00am            Morning Worship

Saturday, Oct. 28           8:30am            Presbytery Meeting
                                                               Glenwood Landing

Sunday, Oct. 29           10:00am             REFORMATION  SUNDAY
                                                                Celebrating 500 years of Protestantism
                                                                Sermon: "The Meaning of the Reformation Today"

Looking Ahead

Wednesday, Nov. 1  6:00pm-8:00pm      "Share the Harvest"
                                                                  Long Island Council of Churches
                                                                  Annual fund raiser: $140 per person
                                                                  Crest Hollow Country Club

Saturday, Nov. 4              5:00pm                    "AUTUMN  SERANADE"
                                                                 featuring: Francesca Lunghi, mezzo soprano
                                                                 Michael Douglas Jones, bass-baritone
                                                                 Daniel Ragone, pianist

Sunday, Nov. 5               10:00am       Morning Worship: STEWARDSHIP  SUNDAY
                                                                      Daylight savings time ends

Sunday, Nov. 12                  10:00am      Morning Worship: PLEDGE  SUNDAY

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

This Week at Old South Haven Church

NOTE: Rev. James Hawkins, Director of the PCUSA Office of Public Witness in Washington, has spoke out on the violence in Las Vegas: "Our outrage cannot be contained. Our sadness cannot be lifted. This has gone on for far too long. We mourn with those who have lost family members, friends, and colleagues. We pray for the injured both physically and mentally. We pray for our nation where there are more guns than people." Hawkins said churches can respond by praying and actively working for the passage of gun safety legislation.

Sunday, Oct. 8             10:00am               Morning Worship
                                                                  Sermon:  "What Am I Looking For?
                                                                                  "What Am I Finding?
                                                                                  "And Then What?
                                                                  Lessons: Psalm 27  Luke 11: 9-13

Tuesday, Oct. 10            9:30am              Long Island Council of Churches Board
                                     11:30am              Brookhaven/Bellport Clergy   
                                                                 Christ Episcopal  Church

Thursday, Oct. 12        10:00am               East Moriches Task Force

Friday, Oct. 13             10:00am               LICC Transition Task Force

Saturday, Oct. 14          9:30am               Property/Finance Committee
                                    12:30pm               South Country Peace Group

Sunday, Oct. 15          10:00am                Morning Worship
                                                                  Sermon: "Another Perspective 
                                                                   on the Wedding Banquet Parable"
                                                                 Lessons:  Philippians 4: 1-9  Matt. 22:1-14

Monday, Oct. 16            7:00pm              Session Meeting
                                                                 Guest: Rev. Annie McMillan
                                                                 Presbytery's Representative to OSHPC

Wednesday, Oct. 18      8:30am              Western Suffolk Presbyterian Clergy
                                                                 Royal Oak diner

Friday, Oct.20   timed to be announced  Ecumenical Progressive Dinner