Thursday, July 26, 2018

This week at Old South Haven Churdh

Hello everyone

Kirsty Dickson-Maret will be leading  the service this Sunday.  The readings will be:
     2Samuel 11:1-15
     Psalm 14
     Ephesians 3:14-21
     John  6:1-21
The Sermon: " Enough"

Rev Karen will preach on Aug 5.

And in between, on Aug 3 at 3pm, Deborah Denis and Jason Neal will be married!!  The Rev Jeanne Baum, pastor of OSHC when Jason joined at a teenager, will marry them.   We wish them a lovely day and a lifetime of love and growth together. 

Our 100 (or so) year old church bell was unable to announce the beginning of  last Sunday's service, just as it was unable to ring 82 times for each year of Tom's life at his Funeral.   The session has authorized an estimate for repair of the bell, and will consider using some memorial funds to pay for repair.  We welcome your input.  

If you've driven toward the church from the northeast and have stopped at the light you may have spotted this banner on the corner of the church property:  "Joseph, Mary and Jesus were refugees."  We ordered two, with a plan to  will trade off:  "Love your Neighbor as yourself"     These are meant as a response to the atrocities our border.  Suggestions for alternative responses/signage are welcome.   Thanks to Jessica, Eric, Abby, Emily, Linda, and Alan for help with getting it up!

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