Monday, October 31, 2011

[news] This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

           This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church


Sunday, Nov. 6          10:00am         Morning Worship

                                                          Stewardship Sunday

                                Sermon: “Stewardship: A Tale of Two Tables”

                                Lessons:   Psalm 92  Mark 14:12-16, 22-25

                                       DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME ENDS


Monday, Nov.  7         Stewardship Letter Sent Out


Tuesday, Nov. 8          1:00pm    Lunch Bunch at the Manse

                                                          ELECTION DAY


Thursday, Nov.10      10:00am   Clergy Book Study at Presbytery

                                     5:30pm       “Share the Harvest”

                                  Long Island Council of Churches Fund Raiser

                                  Giorgio’s 100 Fox Hill Drive, Baiting Hollow


Sunday, Nov. 13          10:00am    Dedication of Pledges


Thursday, Nov. 17          7:30pm       “Caring for Aging Relatives”

       Presenters: Linda Costanza, L.C.S.W. and George Roach, Esq.

                      Brookhaven Town Hall Media Room, 2nd Floor

                                1 Independence Hill, Farmingville


Looking Ahead

Monday, Nov. 21          7:00pm         Session Meeting

Thursday, Nov. 24                             THANKSGIVING

Sunday, Nov. 27          10:00am        Morning Worship

                                                            First Sunday of Advent

 Book Study: “The First Christmas: What the Gospels Really

         Teach About Jesus’ Birth”: Marcus J. Borg & John Dominic Crossan.  The book has been ordered at a cost of $6.00. It is to be read during Advent with discussion dates not yet set.




Tuesday, October 25, 2011

[news] This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

            This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church


Wed., Oct.26 –Thurs. Oct.27      noon to noon       Clergy Retreat

                                                            Cora Maria, Sag Harbor


Sat., Oct. 29             9:00am          Church Yard Sale and Bake Sale


Sun., Oct. 30            10:00am          Morning Worship – Reformation Sunday

                                           Sermon: “What From The Past To Take With Us”

                        Text: “When you see the ark of the covenant of the Lord your

                                   God being carried. .then you shall set out from your

                                   place and follow it. Joshua 3:3

                                             Lessons: Joshua 3: 1-17  Matthew 23: 1-12


Looking Ahead

Sun., Nov.6              10:00am     Morning Worship   Holy Communion

                                                               Stewardship Sunday

                                             Sermon: “ Stewardship: A Tale of Two Tables”

                                             Lessons:  Psalm 92  Matthew 14: 12-16, 22-25

Tues., Nov. 8              1:00pm      Lunch Bunch at the Manse

Thur., Nov. 10             5:30pm     Long Island Council of Churches’

                                                      “Share the harvest” – fund raiser

                                                      Giorgio’s Baiting Hollow

Sun., Nov.13              10:00am     Morning Worship     Pledge Sunday




Continuing Improvements

      The Property and Finance Committee has sent a proposal to the Town of Brookhaven to use remaining funds in the Caithness grant to pave the walk from the parking lot to the front ramp and for improving outdoor lighting.

      We are thankful to this Committee’s hard work in documenting needs that meet the criteria for this grant as well as monitoring the proposals submitted.




Tuesday, October 18, 2011

[news] This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

                        This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church


Saturday, Oct. 22                9:30am               Presbytery Meeting

                                            Presbyterian Community Church, Massapequa

                                                       Pastor Tom and Sean Moran attending


Sunday, Oct.23                 10:00am                Morning Worship

                                                       Sermon: “Unfinished Business”

                                                       Lessons:  Deut. 34:1-12  Matt. 22: 34-40


Wednesday, Oct. 26  12noon – Thursday, Oct. 27    12:00 noon

                                                      Clergy Retreat – Cora Maria, Sag Harbor


Saturday, Oct. 29             9:00am           Church Yard Sale and Bake Sale


Sunday, Oct. 30              10:00am                   Morning Worship

                                                                        Reformation Sunday

                                                      Sermon: “What From The Past To Take

                                                                                    With Us’

                                                      Lessons:  Joshua 3:1-17  Matt. 23: 1-12



True Story (we are told)

A bar called Drummond’s, in Mt. Vernon, Texas, began construction on an expansion of their building, hoping to “grow” their business.


In response, the local Southern Baptist Church, started a campaign to block the bar from expanding – petitions, prayers, etc. About a week before the bar’s grand reopening, a bolt of lightning struck the bar and burned it to the ground!


Afterward, the church folks were rather smug – bragging about “the power of Prayer.” The angry bar owner eventually sued the church on grounds that the church…”Was ultimately responsible for the demise of his building, through direct actions or indirect means.”


Of course, the church vehemently denied all responsibility or any connection to the building’s demise.


The judge read carefully through the plaintiff’s complaint, and the defendants reply.  He then opened the hearing by saying:


   “ I don’t know how I’m going to decide this, but it appears from the paperwork that what we have here is a bar owner who now believes in the power of prayer, and an entire church congregation that does not.”

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

[news] This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

                           This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church


Thurs,, Oct. 13- Sat,, Oct.15         Pastor Tom in New York City

                                               Union Days & UTS Alumni/ae Council

                                                  Union Theological Seminary, NYC.

                                 Theme  “1611-2011   KJV400:A Celebration of the

                                 King James Bible’s 400th Anniversary” followed by

                                 meeting of Alumni/ae Council. Pastor Tom is a member

                                 of  the Executive Committee of the Council.


Sun., Oct. 16           10:00am          Morning Worship

                                                        Sermon:  “Conflicting Claims”

                                                        Lessons: I Thess 1:1-10   Matt. 22:15-22


Mon., Oct. 17            7:00pm          Session Meeting


Thurs., Oct. 20          6:00pm          Holmes Presbyterian Camp and

                                                                 Conference Center

                                                         Fund Raiser, The Water Club, NYC


Sat., Oct. 22              9:30am           Presbytery Meeting

                                                         Presbyterian Community Church



Sun., Oct. 23           10:00am            Morning Worship

                                                          Sermon:   “Unfinished Business”

                                                          Lessons: Deut. 34: 1-12 Matt. 22: 34-40


Wed., Oct.26 – Thurs., Oct. 27        Clergy Retreat    Sag Harbor


Sat., Oct. 29             9:00am             Church Yard Sale


Sun., Oct. 30          10:00am             Morning Worship:  Reformation Sunday

                                                          Sermon:  “What From The Past To

                                                                                   Take With Us”

                                                          Lessons: Joshua 3: 1-17  Matt. 23: 1-12

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

[news] This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church.doc

                       This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church


Friday, October 7           5:30pm         Corral/Arata  Wedding Rehearsal


Saturday, October 8      10:30am             Wedding Ceremony

                                                   John Hilton Corral and Kiersten Paige Arata


Sunday, October 9         10:00am              Morning Worship

                                                 Sermon: “Dressing Up For The Wedding”

                                                 Lessons:  Philippians 4:1-9  Matthew 22: 1-14


                                        12:30pm            A.A. Anniversary Party


Thursday, October 13 – Saturday, October 15      Union Days

                                                                       Union Theological Seminary

                                                                        Pastor Tom attending


Sunday, October 16         10:00am              Morning Worship

                                                   Sermon:  “Conflicting Claims”

                                                   Lessons:  I Thessalonians 1:1-10,

                                                                  Matthew 22: 15-22




Looking Ahead



Thursday, October 20      6:00pm              “It’s About Water”

                                        Holmes Presbyterian Camp and Conference Center

                                                    Fund Raiser: The Water Club, NYC


Saturday, October 22       9:00am              Presbytery Meeting



Wednesday, October 26 – Thursday, October 27    

                                                              Clergy Retreat, Sag Harbor


Saturday, October 29          9:00am       Church Fair  (rescheduled)