Wednesday, September 30, 2015

This Week at Old South Haven Church

  Congratulations to Brian and Jennifer Burgess on the birth of their son Jack, weighing in at 9 lbs.!
Thursday, Oct. 1           7:20am            Mid Suffolk Presbyterian clergy
                                                              breakfast at Royal Oak Diner 
Saturday, Oct.3      9:30am - 3:30pm              Presbytery Day
                                                              Brentwood Presbyterian Church
                                                             125 Second Street, Brentwood
                                                 workshops on gun control, racism,
                                                        immigration, criminal justice
                                                           $20 at the door includes lunch
Sunday, Oct. 4         10:00am
Sermon:  "Creating A World of Peace"
(theme of this year's observance)
  Lessons: Matthew 5:1-20  
  2 Thessalonians 3: 16
  Dedication of the Peacemaking Offering
Wednesday Saturday         Pastor Tom on Study Leave                                                                                                        
     Oct. 7 - Oct. 10
Thursday, Oct. 8                                  "Share the Harvest"
                                      Long Island Council of Churches Fund Raiser
Saturday, Oct. 10  9:00am  CHURCH YARD SALE
Sunday, Oct. 11             10:00am              Morning Worship
                                                              Sunday School begins
Tuesday, Oct. 13             8:30am       Long Island Council of Churches
                                                         Board meeting, Presbytery Center
Wednesday, Oct. 14       12 noon      Welcome Father. Bill Hanson
                                                           Brookhaven/Bellport Clergy
                                                                  Royal Oak Diner

A Note from member Claudia Taylor:
During the month of October for anyone in the congregation  or persons they refer, I am  willing to donate the proceeds from both nutritional and chiropractic services to the parking lot fund.

The office of a Doctor of Chiropractic is unfamiliar territory for many people, so.....

If you associate chiropractic with cracking stiff necks and cranky low backs,
this is not the office for you.

My sign says family practice, lifestyle and nutritional wellness.

As my grown daughter who grew up living the life and walking the walk once asked me--
                          What is Chiropractic Lifestyle and Nutritional Wellness anyway?
It is a BLEND OF CHIROPRACTIC to optimize motion:
          Our bodies are created to move  We are not plants.
          Anything with a joint--feet, ankles, knees, shoulders, elbows, hands, and yes, backs and necks      benefit from improved neuro-musculo-skeletal, that is nerve muscle and joint, function.

WITH BETTER CHOICES--the-substance, food, deed (activity or in-activity) and thoughts
          we allow in our body.

Together, they are better than either one alone.

Balancing health is a journey not a destination.  We stress progress and better choices--
new tricks for old dogs (or old habits) not perfection. 

Enjoy your own meaningful healthcare revolution. It begins with you making better choices.
One degree of change, positive or negative, can profoundly affect the pathway of your health.

I hope you will think of this offer as an opportunity to contribute towards the substantial amount we need to raise while seizing the opportunity as motivation to improve your own health.

I do not do no fault or workers compensation.  I am not encouraging anyone seeing another practitioner to make a change ( but boldly ask if he/she is willing to price match!)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

This Week at Old South Haven Church

      "With the arrival of Pope Francis, and reflecting on his encyclical On Care for Our Common Home, I am reminded that we are at a transformative moment in human history in which our many traditions must come together to fulfill our sacred obligation to care not only for each other but also for our home. There is no better time to act than now."
                                                 The Rev. Dr. Katherine R. Henderson
                                                 President, Auburn Seminary, New York City
Thurs., Sept. 24    12:30pm       South Country Education Foundation
                                              Becker/Gambles Music Fund Committee
                                                                     in the Gallery
Sun., Sept. 27       10:00am               Morning Worship
                                                           Sermon:  "Each New Day"
                                                           Lessons:   Psalm 118: 1-4, 19-29
                                                                             II Peter 1: 1-21
Tues., Sept. 29      10:00am               Morning and Lunch
                                                 with Rev. Dean Snyman of South Africa
                                   and this year's PCUSA International Peacemaker
                                                     Presbytery Center, Commack  
Thurs., Oct. 1          7:30am         Mid Suffolk Presbyterian Clergy
                                                                Royal Oak Diner
Sat., Oct 3               9:30am                 Presbytery Day 
                                                     Brentwood Presbyterian Church   
                                                 Social Justice Advocacy workshops
                                             Plenary: The Rev. Dr. Jim Atwood, author
                                                       "America and Its Guns"
Sun., Oct.4          10:00am           
WORLD COMMUNION                                               
Peacemaking Offering                                               
Sermon: "Create a World of Peace" 

Wed. - Sat.
  Oct. 7 - Oct. 10                     Pastor Tom on Study Leave
                                               Union Theological Seminary
                                                            New York City

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

This Week at Old South Haven Church

Thursday, Sept, 17                10:00am- 3:00pm      Long Island Council of Churches   Retreat
                                                                                First Presbyterian Church, Smithtown
                                                                                Pastor Philipp attending
Sunday, Sept. 20                           10:00am                        Morning Worship
                                                                               Sermon:  "How Much Are You Worth?"
                                                                               Lessons:     Psalm 8    Luke 15: 1-24
Monday, Sept. 21                                                          International Day of Peace
                                                  5:00pm-6:30pm               "Celebrate World Peace Day"
                                                                                 The Common Ground at Gillette Park'
                                                                                         Gillette Ave, Sayville
                                                                                (bring a camp chair if you want to sit)
                                                                                    speakers, poets, musicians,
                                                                                    face painting for the children
                                                                                    Pastor Tom, one of the speakers
                                                         7:00pm                          Session Meeting
Sunday, Sept. 27                           10:00am                           Morning Worship
                                                                                Sermon:      "Each New Day"
                                                                                Psalm 118: 1-4,19-29  II Peter 1: 1-21
         The Capital Campaign Committee reports that as of September 14   $13,259 has been received in "up front money"
          out of a total of $18,984.00 pledged, which is 42% of our goal. The Committee wishes to thank these individuals for
          their commitment at the very start of the Campaign.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

This Week at Old South Haven Church

Saturday,  Sept. 12        3:00pm       "Making Beautiful Music Together"
                                                      (see attachment of poster and program)                            
                                                              attend and bring your friends
Sunday, Sept. 13          10:00am                      Morning Worship
                                                       Sermon:  "In For The Long Haul"
                                                        Lessons:  Philemon  Luke 14: 24-33
                                        5:30pm                 Church Supper:  Barbeque
                                                                     Speaker:  Rev. Tom Goodhue
                                                                                       Executive Director
                                                                          Long Island Council of Churches
Monday, Sept.14              7:00pm               Finance and Property Committee
Wednesday, Sept. 16     12:30pm               Presbytery Nominations Committee
Thursday, Sept. 17         10:00am              Long Island Council of Churches  retreat
Sunday, Sept 20             10:00am                           Morning Worship
                                                                    Sermon:  "How Much Are You Worth?"
                                                                    Lessons:  Psalm 8  Luke 15: 1-24
Monday, Sept 21       4:30 - 6:00pm            International Day of Peace Observance
                                                            sponsored by South Country Peace Group and others
                                                                       The Common Ground, Sayville
                                            7:00pm               Session Meeting

We are thrilled to present another concert at Old South Haven Presbyterian Church. We were so beautifully received here last year and when Pastor Tom asked us to sing another recital, we jumped at the opportunity! We were married in June and wanted to present a concert of love songs from our different heritages. Maria grew up on Long Island with an Italian-American background, and Dimitrie in Pittsburgh as a Serbian-American. When we were united in marriage we warmly embraced each other's culture and family, (Italian and Slavic). We also had a firm grasp and love of music from America, being that we were born here. Hence we are presenting in the second half of our program our American favorites in folk song, sacred, and musical theater pieces. We hope you enjoy our tapestry of heritages and you feel at home listening to these different songs, duets, and arias which we love to sing and which brings us together.
--Maria and Dimitrie