Tuesday, January 14, 2014

[news] This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

        This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church


Sunday, Jan. 19      10:00am     Morning Worship

                                    Sermon:  “A Keynote Question”

                                    Lessons: John 1: 29-42   I Corinthians 1: 1-9


Monday, Jan. 20 – Friday, Jan.31     Pastor Tom on vacation and

                                      Study leave in Brazil and Argentina


Sunday, Jan. 26        10:00am       Morning Worship

                                      Sermon:  “Blessed Are The Meek”

                                      Lessons:   Matthew 5: 1-10  Luke 18: 9-14

                                                           Alan Stevens, Preacher


Tuesday, Jan 28      9:00am – 12:10pm       Presbytery Meeting

                                                        Bethany Presbyterian Church

                                                        Huntington Station


Sunday, Feb. 2          10:00am     Morning Worship

                                                     Holy Communion

                                       Sermon “Beatitudes Reflect Attitudes

                                                          Developed Yesterday”

                                       Lessons: Micah 6: 1-8  I Cor, 1:18-31  

                                                        Matt. 5: 1-12


                                       2:00pm    South Country Peace Group’s

                                                             PEACE PARTY

                                           St. James Episcopal Church

                                           Beaver Dam Road at Bay Road


Sunday, Feb. 9              10:00am    Morning Worship

                                      11:30pm   ANNUAL MEETING of

                                                 Congregation and Corporation



Tuesday, January 7, 2014

[news] This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

             This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church


Note: As this issue of “This Week” is being prepared (Tuesday) the weather is 10 degrees with a wind chill factor bringing it down to about 0 or maybe even a couple of degrees below 0! This a record low and a good excuse to stay in doors (unless you are a native of Minnesota, as is your Pastor, for whom this is normal!) Tomorrow will not be much better.

      . HOWEVER the report for Saturday indicates the temperature will climb to 48 degrees. On such a lovely day you will, of course, want to make your way to our Church for a lovely concert.

                                                                                      Pastor Tom


Friday, January 10         7:00pm       Finance and Property Committee


Saturday, January 11      3:00pm      “BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND;

                                                                        Songs we love to Sing”  

                          With: Nancy Loesch, Leslie Valentine, Christopher Reames

                            Michael Douglas Jones, and Daniel Ragone, accompanist

                                  Followed by a reception in the Carriage House

                                                            $20. donation


Sunday, January 12       10:00am       Baptism of the Lord Sunday

                                                  Sermon: “We Are All God’s Favorites”

                                                  Lessons:   Acts 10: 34-43   Matthew 3: 13-17


Sunday, January 19      10:00am      Morning Worship

                                                 Sermon.    “A Keynote Question”

                                                 Lessons:   John 1: 29-42   I Corinthians 1: 1-9


Monday, January 20 – Friday, January 31    Pastor Tom on vacation and

                                                  study leave in Brazil and Argentina


Sunday, January 26       10:00am      Morning Worship

                                                      Alan Stevens, Preacher


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Piano and 12 hands organ: is it possible?

Dear Madam, Sir, Colleague,

I hope I make you something pleasant by linking an animated music game for
young and old:


The principal actor is the unique, incredible organ build from the 1836 to the 1847 by Francesco la Grassa, an organ builder whose life could be the subject for a novel. Why this organ is so special? Please check by yourself by listening the Promo of my last recording: Schumann and Chopin Piano Concertos for Piano (a magnificent Erard made in Paris in 1847) and 12 (yes, twelve!) hands organ. Please, enjoy, if you like:


I wish you a happy 2014

Claudio Brizi

Ps I would like to show this instrument all around the world… Would you like to help me please?

Something different?… a bit of Mozart with my harmonium-Célesta Mustel:


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

[news] Songs we love to Sing: Saturday, January 11, 2014, 3 pm

Click on attachment for printable flyer.



[news] This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

      This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church


Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2014       HAPPY NEW YEAR

     If Old South Haven Church began about 1717 and had its first minister, Abner Reeve in 1748, we begin our New Year with gratitude for the 297 years that this Congregation has sought to provide ministry to its members and the larger community. May we remain as committed as those who preceded us


Saturday, Jan. 4    1:00pm        South Country Peace Group                

                                                  31st Annual Membership Meeting

                                                            The Gallery


Sunday, Jan.5      10:00am        Morning Worship

                                                   Holy Communion

                                 Sermon:             “In the Beginning”

                                 Lessons      Ephesians 1: 1-14  John 1: 1-18

                Christmas tree and decorations taken down after Service


Saturday, Jan. 11     3:00pm   “Back By Popular Demand”

                  The four vocalists from our inaugural program in our

                   music series return to sing his/her favorite numbers.

                       (let us get the word out and again fill the sanctuary)


Sunday, Jan. 12         10:00am        Morning Worship


Monday, Jan 13           7:00pm        Session meeting

                                                         Adoption of the 2014 Budget


Sunday, Jan. 19          19:00am        Morning Worship


Monday, Jan. 20 – Friday, Jan. 31   Pastor Tom on vacation and

                                                study leave in Brazil and Argentine


Sunday, Jan. 26         10:00am         Morning Worship

                                                            Alan Stevens, Preacher


Sunday, Feb. 9     11:30am    Annual meeting of Congregation and

                                               Corporation after Worship