Tuesday, July 30, 2013

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          This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

Sunday, Aug. 4   10:00am   Morning Worship/Holy Communion
                                                 Sermon           “Just Enough”
                                                 Lessons:  Hosea 11: 1-11
                                                                 Luke 12: 13-21

Tuesday, Aug. 6                       HIROSHIMA DAY
                               Procession of Remembrance/World Peace Vigil
                          7:00pm      Begin gathering on sidewalk on
                              Station Road by cemetery, to step off at 7:30pm
                              Procession ends with short program a dock
                              Speakers: Pastor Tom and Paul Ames

Sunday, Aug, 11      10:00am    Morning Worship
                                                   Preacher: Brian Mullahy

Friday, Aug. 16          7:00pm            Rehearsal for
                                     “Salute to American Composers” program

Sunday, Aug. 18       10:00am     Morning Worship
                                       Service will include a Moment for Mission
                                           with a speaker from “Thursday’s Child”

                              CHURCH PICNIC following Worship Service

Monday, Aug. 19         7:00pm     Session Meeting
                                                          at home of Nancy Best

Thursday, Aug. 22        10:00am   Clergy Book Study Group

Sunday, Aug. 25           10:00am      Morning Worship
                                                          Preacher: Linda Majowka
Sunday, Sept. 1         10:00am                Morning Worship
                                                                  Holy Communion

Saturday, Sept. 7      6:00pm   “Salute to American Composers”
                                              Nancy Loesch, Soprano
                                        Leslie Valentine, Mezzo-Soprano
                                            Christopher Reames, Tenor
                                           Michael Douglas Jones, Bass
                               Special Guest:      Daryl Jordan, Soprano
                           Artistic Director, Accompanist:  Daniel Ragone

Sunday, Sept. 8      10:00am               Morning Worship

Saturday, Sept. 14   12:30pm     South Country Peace Group
                                                                The Gallery

Sunday, Sept. 15         10:00am     Morning Worship
                                                       Preacher:   Claudia Taylor

Sunday, Sept. 22         10:00am      Morning Worship
                                                        Preacher:   Alan Stevens

Saturday, Sept. 28        9:00am    Presbytery: Visioning Event 
                                                      The Presbyterian Church of Islip

A Thank You to Brian Mullahy, Linda Majowka, Claudia Taylor, and Alan Stevens who will preach on Sundays Pastor Tom will be on vacation.

A Thank You also to those who will assist in serving refreshments after the special concert on Saturday evening, September 7

Thursday, July 25, 2013

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     This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

Sunday, July 28        10:00am           Morning Worship

                                  Sermon:           “Naming A Son”
                                  Lessons: Hosea 1:2-10     Luke 11: 1-13
The world has been waiting this week for William and Kate to name their son.  Poor Hosea heard what the voice of God told him to name his and Gomer’s three children.

Sunday, August 4    10:00am              Morning Worship
                                                             Holy Communion
                                   Sermon:         “Just Enough”
                                   Lessons: Hosea: 11: 1=11   Luke 12: 13-21
We worry about having enough for retirement etc.  Jesus offers a stern warning against placing one’s trust in possessions, or trying to secure one’s future through the accumulation of wealth

Tuesday, August 6               HIROSHIMA DAY
               Procession of Remembrance/ World Peace Vigil, Bellport
7:00pm Begin gathering on sidewalk on Station Road by cemetery
              to step off at 7:30pm. Procession ends with short program
              at the dock.  Speakers: Pastor Tom and Paul Ames

Sunday, August 11     10:00am         Morning Worship
                                                           Preacher: Brian Mullahy

Sunday, August 18      10:00am           Morning Worship
                                       Service will include a Moment for Mission
                                                Speaker from “Thursday Child”
                                       Church Picnic following Worship Service

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

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           This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

Note: The Session has voted that on Sundays during the summer, when the weather is quite hot, worship will be held in the air conditioned Carriage House

Thurs., July 18    10:00am        Clergy Book Study Group

Sat,, July 20        12:30pm        South Country Peace Group
                                                             in the Gallery

Sun., July 21       10:00am         Morning Worship
                            Sermon:  “Multi-Faith is the NEW Ecumenical”
                          (theme of the 2013 National Campus Ministry
                                                      Association Conference)
                            Lessons: I Kings 19: 9-12    John 1: 1-14         

Looking Ahead

Tues. Aug.6                         Hiroshima Day
                                  Procession of Remembrance, Bellport
                                                     from cemetery to dock

Sun. Aug 11              Brian Mullahy, preacher

Sun.   Aug 18            Service will include a Moment for Mission:
                                        Speaker from “Thursday’s Child
                                   Church picnic following Worship Service

Sat.,      Sept. 7       6:00pm      “ Salute to American Composers”
                                              Artistic Director: Daniel Ragone
             Nancy Loesch, soprano; Leslie Valentine, mezzo- soprano:
              Christopher Reames, tenor; Michael Douglas Jones, bass

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

[news] This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

             This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

The print version of the Newsletter is in the mail.  The online version is available at http://oldsouthhavenchurch.org/Newsletters/Newsletters.htm.  Online version contains links to additional photos.

Thursday, July 4                 INDEPENDENCE DAY

Sunday, July 7    10:00am    Morning Worship/ Holy Communion
                                             Sermon:    “The Pause That Refreshes”
                                             Lessons:      Psalm 23    John 4: 1-15

Tuesday, July 9  - Saturday, July 13
         Pastor Tom attending      2013 National Campus Ministry
                                                         Association Conference
                                       Agnes Scott College, Decatur, Georgia
              Theme: “Multi-faith is the NEW  Ecumenical Ministry
                                               in the 21st Century”
                                 Special Guest: Brian McLaren
                                     author “A New Kind of Christianity”
                                               OSHPC book study in 2010

Sunday, July 14     10:00am        Morning Worship

                          Sermon: “Accompany Me to the Ocean’s Shore”
                          Lessons:          Psalm 103     Mark 4: 35-41
   CHOIR MEMBERS: Meet with Mark after Worship to discuss
                                              summer music schedule

Monday, July 15      7:00pm       Session meeting

Thursday, July 18      10:00am    Clergy Book Study, Commack

Looking Ahead
Wednesday, August 6        Hiroshima Day
                South Country Peace Group Memorial Walk in Bellport
Sunday, July 18             Church Picnic following Morning Worship