Thursday, February 26, 2015

This Week at Old South Haven Church

Sunday, March 1          10:00am     Morning Worship
                                                         Linda Majowka, Preacher
                                       4:00pm    Ordination of Rachel Philipp Vione
                                                         First Presbyterian Church of Northport
Sunday, March 8                          DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME BEGINS
                                     10:00am      Morning Worship/ Holy Communion
                                                         Sermon: "When Jesus Had a Conniption"
                                                         Lessons:   Exodus 20:1-17     Jophn 2: 13-22
Sunday, March 15       10:00am       Morning Worship
                                      4:00pm       Book Study:  "Learning to Walk in the Dark"
                                      5:30pm       Pot Luck Supper
Monday, March 16        7:00pm       Session Meeting
Tuesday, March 24                          Presbytery Meeting at Bridgehampton
Sunday, March 29       10;00am      PALM SUNDAY
                                                         Sermon: "Becoming a Part of the Crowd"
Thursday, April 2          7:00pm        MAUNDY THURSDAY
                                                          Observance of a Seder meal and the Last Supper
Friday, April 3                                     GOOD FRIDAY
                                      3:00pm        Stations of the Cross
                                      7:00pm        Tennebrae Service at
                                                            United Methodist Church of Bellport
Sunday, April 5                                 EASTER
                                       6:00am        Sunrise Service at Bellport Dock
                                     10:00am        Easter Service
                                                           Sermon      "Easter Conviction"    

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

This Week at Old South Haven Church

Last Sunday the weather conditions were not good. HOWEVER all members but one of the choir made it to church.
Our member living furthest east - Brian Mullahy, was present. Our member living furthest west - Lorraine Gallo was present.
The next edition of our NEWSletter is at the post office. It is available online at
Saturday, Feb.21            3:00pm      "Portrait  of a People"
                       an unique portrayal of the African-American experience in poetry and song
                                                   Daryl Jordan, soprano
Sunday, Feb. 22          10:00am    Morning Worship
                                                      Sermon:  "Finding a Language"
                                                      Lessons:    I Corinthians 2: 1-17  Matthew 5: 13-20
Tuesday, Feb. 24         7:30am    Mid Suffolk Presbyterian  Clergy breakfast
                                                               Center Moriches
Friday-Saturday Feb. 27-8           Union Theological Seminary Alumni/ae Council, NYC
                                                               Pastor Tom attending
Sunday, Mar. 1           10:00am     Morning Worship
                                                       Linda Majowka, Preacher
                                      4:00pm     Ordination of Rachel Philipp Vione
                                                        First Presbyterian Church of Northport
Sunday, Mar.8             10:00am      Morning Worship/ Holy Communion
                                                            DAILY SAVING TIME BEGINS
Sunday, Mar. 15             4:00pm     Book Study.

Miss Jordan's many solo performances include concerts with the Long Island Philharmonic at the Tilles Center of the Brahms Requiem, and the premier of Ray Shattenkirks, The Flower Kissers. Early solo appearances include Radio City Music Hall and the Saratoga Spa Music Theater.

African American compositions are included in many of Miss Jordan's recital programs. She conceived "Portrait of a People", as a solo recital of poetry and song by African American poets and composers. A highlight is the presentation of this recital in Lenna Hall at the famed New York State's Chautauqua Institution's Summer Festival. That year Chautauqua awarded a "Daryl Jordan" scholarship to a college voice student who showed outstanding ability in both music and drama. Other performances in the Northeast of this recital include the Long Island Heckscher Museum, University of New Hampshire, SUNY Potsdam, where she was accompanied by the distinguished American composer Arthur Frackenpohl, and the Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor.

Miss Jordan resides in East Patchogue with her husband Herman Washington.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

This Week at Old South Haven Church

Friday, Feb. 13         12 noon          Long Island Council of Churches
                                                               Staff Appreciation Lunch
                                            hosted by LICC Board, Pastor Tom, arranger
                                                    Sea Haven Restaurant, Lindenhurst
Sunday, Feb. 15     10:00am                 Transfiguration Sunday
                                                 Sermon: "Getting Another Perspective
                                                 Lessons 2 Kings 2: 1-12    Mark 9: 2-9
Monday, Feb. 16      7:00pm               Session Meeting
Wednesday, Feb. 18                      ASH WEDNESDAY
                                 We are joined by the United Methodist Church of Bellport
                                12noon         Informal Service:   imposition of ashes
                                7:00pm         Evening Service:   imposition of ashes
Saturday, Feb 21    3:00pm                     "Portrait of a People"
                                             A unique Portrayal of  the African-American Experience
                                                                 in poetry and song
                                                             Daryl  Jordan, Soprano
Please distribute.
Printed copies also available in Gallery & vestibule
Sunday, Feb. 22   10:00am         Morning Worship
                                                    Sermon: "Finding a Language"
                                                    Lessons; I Corinthians. 2: 1-12  Matthew 5: 13-20
Tuesday, Feb. 24   7:30am        Mid Suffolk Presbyterian Clergy Breakfast
                                                                 Center Moriches
Friday Feb. 27- Sat. Feb. 28        Union Theological Seminary Alumni/ae Council
                                                         New York City,  Pastor Tom attending
Sunday, ,March     10:00am                       Morning Worship
                                                          Linda Majowka,  Preacher
                                4:00pm     Ordination of Rachel Philipp Vione
                                                  First Presbyterian Church of Northport


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

This Week at Old South Haven Church

We extend our condolences to Richard Thomas on the death of his
Mother this past Sunday. Richard left for his family home in
Missouri on Tuesday.
Sunday, Feb. 8    10:00am       Morning Worship
                                      Sermon: "Recognizing Your Anger And...."
                                                       Lessons:  Deut. 30:15-20  Matt. 5: 21-26
                            3:00pm         "Grace Notes Series"
                               an ensemble of trombones playing classical and pops
                               United Methodist Church of Bellport, Donations accepted
 Friday, Feb. 13    12noon     Long Island Council of Churches
                                                  Staff Appreciation Lunch
                                                  hosted by LICC Board, Pastor Tom, arranger
                                                   Sea Haven Restaurant, Lindenhurst
 Sunday, Feb. 15  10:00am    Transfiguration Sunday
                                                    Sermon: "Getting Another Perspective"
                                                    Lessons: 2 Kings 2:1-12  Mark 9: 2-9
 Wednesday, Feb. 18                ASH  WEDNESDAY 
                                                  We are joined by United Methodist Church of Bellport 
                           12 noon     Informal Service: imposition of ashes
                             7:00pm    Evening Service:  imposition of ashes

Saturday, Feb. 21    3:00pm       "Portrait of a People"
                                                    An unique Portrayal of the African-American Experience
                                                    in poetry and song
                                                     Daryl Jordan, Soprano

Sunday, Feb. 22      10:00am     Morning Worship
                                                      Sermon; "Finding a Language
                                                      Lessons  I Cor. 2: 1-12    Matt 5: 13-20