Thursday, July 26, 2018

This week at Old South Haven Churdh

Hello everyone

Kirsty Dickson-Maret will be leading  the service this Sunday.  The readings will be:
     2Samuel 11:1-15
     Psalm 14
     Ephesians 3:14-21
     John  6:1-21
The Sermon: " Enough"

Rev Karen will preach on Aug 5.

And in between, on Aug 3 at 3pm, Deborah Denis and Jason Neal will be married!!  The Rev Jeanne Baum, pastor of OSHC when Jason joined at a teenager, will marry them.   We wish them a lovely day and a lifetime of love and growth together. 

Our 100 (or so) year old church bell was unable to announce the beginning of  last Sunday's service, just as it was unable to ring 82 times for each year of Tom's life at his Funeral.   The session has authorized an estimate for repair of the bell, and will consider using some memorial funds to pay for repair.  We welcome your input.  

If you've driven toward the church from the northeast and have stopped at the light you may have spotted this banner on the corner of the church property:  "Joseph, Mary and Jesus were refugees."  We ordered two, with a plan to  will trade off:  "Love your Neighbor as yourself"     These are meant as a response to the atrocities our border.  Suggestions for alternative responses/signage are welcome.   Thanks to Jessica, Eric, Abby, Emily, Linda, and Alan for help with getting it up!

Monday, July 23, 2018

A Request from Linda Scott

Dear Old South Haven family,

We have been receiving heartfelt emails from Darcy Stevens since Pastor Tom's passing. Weeks have gone by, but our thoughts and sadness are still with us.

I was unable to attend the services in his memory as I was in the process of relocating my Mom to New England. She is now only minutes from me in her new Assisted Living, and is so thankful to be near me.

The Session of Old South Haven has asked me to format a Newsletter in Tom's memory. I'll be reviewing issues of the OSH News and select a few special messages from the Pastor's Corner for this issue. I feel blessed and honored to do so.

We would like to reach out to our church family to include tributes, memories and stories of your time with Tom as our pastor that you would like to share.

I look forward to hearing from you. Your tribute's can be emailed to me at, or feel free to contact me at (603)965-4324.

God bless,
[Linda Scott was the long-time editor of our church newsletter, and has recently moved to New Hampshire.]

Friday, July 20, 2018

This Week at Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

Hello Old South Haven Family

How nice to see Nancy back at church and to be together with everyone on warm summer Sundays. Jason will preach this coming Sunday, July 22.
Kirsty will preach on July 29 and The Rev Karen Hybertson will lead us in Communion the first Sunday in August. We have been so fortunate to have congregants who can lead our worship services and are very grateful for their help over the past months. A special thank you to Deb whose job of chairperson of worship has become a very big one!

The Presbytery has appointed The Rev Karen Hybertson to moderate our Session meetings for the near future. Since she is away, The Rev. Kate Jones-Calone moderated the meeting this past Monday. The Committee on Ministry (of the LI Presbytery) deferred until August the decision on who will be our Committee on Ministry representative. This is the person who will guide us in the decision on a new pastor. Kate was able to give us a general sense of the process. As stated last week, when we have some more information we will have a get-together to share what we know.

Tom's nieces are in the process of sorting out things at the manse.
They ask that anyone in need of some furniture to please contact them.
Rachel: 516-652-1804 Liz: 949-500-8466

A special thank you to Sandy who has been sprucing up the gardens at the Manse. Lovely.

Hope to see you Sunday.

Darcy Stevens

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

This Week at Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

Hello to OSHC family

After a beautiful OSHC Memorial Service and then Funeral for our dear Pastor Tom, many of us are still feeling his loss acutely. But we have questions about the future as well. This week the Session will get more information about who from the Presbytery's Committee on Ministries will be assigned to give us some guidance in the next months. When we have more information we will schedule a Congregational gathering to share what we know and what we expect to happen.

In the meantime, Linda Majowka will preach and lead the service this coming Sunday, June 15, and Jason Neal will preach the following Sunday, June 22. We are so fortunate to have members who so ably lead us in worship. Thank you to Linda and Jason and to all who have done so already.

Wonderful news! Deborah Denis and Jason Neal will be married at Old South Haven Church on August 3. The Rev Jeanne Baum will officiate. We celebrate them with joy, love, and good wishes.

Several people have asked for Rachel and Liz Philipp's addresses. They are:
The Rev Rachel Philipp Vione
106 Meadow St
Garden City, NY11530

Elizabeth Philipp
1220 Park Ave, Apt 4A
New York, NY 10128

If anyone noted a bunch of keys this past Sunday (10-12 keys on a long black and white key ring) please let Darcy know. 631-286-9278

Darcy Stevens