Thursday, March 16, 2017

This Week at Old South Haven Chrch (Resend)

I appears that some received a truncated version of Tuesday's "This Week ..." This is a resend.

Note: Included in the listing of events this week are three programs, offered in the community, to which we would
 draw your attention for they offer a forum to become aware of and address the challenge to citizens of our country
 to speak to issues, concerns, challenges, problems we face as a citizenry.
                                                                                                                    Pastor Tom
Thursday, March 16      7:00pm-8:30pm                              "Global Capitalism Today"
                                                                   South Country Peace Group offers a presentation by  economist
                                                              Dr. Paddy Quick on the role of capitalism in today's ever-changing world.
                                                              Dr. Quick is Professor of Economics at St. Francis College, Brooklyn.
                                                             She holds a B.A. from Oxford University and a PhD from, Harvard University..
                                                                          South Country Library 22 Station Road, Bellport
Saturday, March 18          10:00am   Carriage House                 " Indivisible Group"
                                                            The initial meeting hosted by Darcy Stevens and B.J. Brown and others of the
                                                            Bellport/Brookhaven communities to speak to concerns of President Trump's
                                                            Agenda to "Make America Great Again"  This meeting will be an informal
                                                            conversation and include what is being done by similar groups across the U.S.
Sunday, March 19            10:00am                                    Third Sunday in Lent
                                                                          Sermon:  "Confidence in God's Love"
                                                                          Lessons:  John 4: 5-26  Romans 5: 1-11
                                           4:00pm                   Book Study:  "The Spiral Staircase: My Climb Out of Darkness"
                                                                                                        led by Jason Neal
                                                                          You may attend (and benefit) even if you have not read this book!
Monday, March 20             5:00pm                   Confirmation Class
                                            7:00pm                  Session Meeting
Tuesday, March 21            11;30am                 Brookhaven/Bellport Clergy
                                                                          St. James Episcopal Church
                                              1:00pm                Presbytery Meeting: Amagansett
Sunday, March 28               10:00am                        Fourth Sunday in Lent
                                                                          Sermon: "Seeing the 'Wow'"
                                                                          Lessons: I Samuel 16: 1-13  John 9: 1-25, 38-41
                                                                          Sunday School

Saturday, April 1                       9:30am            Work Day:  Yard cleaning
Sunday, April 2                        10:00am             Fifth Sunday in Lent/ Holy Communion
                                                                           Sermon:  "Ground Zero vs. A Valley of Life"
                                                                           Lessons:  Ezekiel 37: 1-14    John 11: 1-15
Friday, April 7                      8:30am-2:30pm                 "Working But Still Poor"
                                                                          2017 Conference of Long Island Jobs with justice
                                                                          Touro Law Center, Central Islip
                                                                          Tickets $30 (by Mar. 24) $35 after
Saturday, April 8                      10:00am             Deacons Meeting in the Gallery

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