Friday, March 10, 2017

This Week at Old South Haven Chrch

Linda Scott reminds us that she has asked for articles for the next issue of our NEWSletter
but people are slow in responding. Please forward things to her as soon as possible.
Saturday, March 11               9:30am           Property/Finance Committee
                                            12:30pm           South Country Peace Group
                                                                              in the Gallery
Sunday, March 12              10:00am            Second Sunday in Lent
                                                            DAYLIGHT  SAVINGS  TIME  BEGINS
                                                                     Sermon:  "A Life of Contrasts"
                                                                     Lessons: Genesis 12: 1-4  John 3:1-17
                                                                     Sunday School
Wednesday, March 15        1:00pm             Becker/Gamble Music Committee    
                                                                                 in the Gallery
Thursday, March 16          10:00am             Personnel Committee of LICC
Saturday, March 18          10:00am              "Indivisible" Group
                                                                      Carriage House
Sunday, March 19            10:00am               Third Sunday of Lent
                                                                      Sermon:  "Confidence in God's Love"
                                                                      John 4: 5-26  Romans 5: 1-11
                                           4:00pm               Book Study: "The Spiral Staircase:
                                                                           My Climb Out of Darkness"
                                                                                   in the Gallery
Tuesday, March 21          11:30am               Brookhaven/Bellport Clergy
                                                                      St, James Episcopal Church
                                          1:00pm                Presbytery Meeting: Amagansett
Sunday, March 26           10:00am                Fourth Sunday of Lent
                                                                      Sermon: "Seeing the 'Wow'"
                                                                      Lessons: I Samuel 16: 1-13
                                                                                    John 9: 1-25, 39-41
                                                                      Sunday School

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