Tuesday, August 2, 2016

This Week at Old South Haven Church

Tuesday, August 2                 CANCELLATION of Lunch Bunch Group
Wednesday - Friday
August 3-5                                           Pastor Tom on study leave
                                                            National Campus Ministry Conference
                                                            Bentley University, Boston
Saturday, August 6                                 HIROSHIMA DAY
                                  7:00pm              Peace Vigil Procession
                                                            from Bellport cemetery to Dock
                                                            South Country Peace Group
                             Pastor Tom will be one of the speakers commenting
                             on the 2016 Platforms of the republicans and Democrats
Sunday, August 7  10:OO am              Morning Worship/Holy Communion
                                                             Sermon:      "Not Now"   (the stewardship of time)
                                                             Lessons; Luke 12: 32 40
                                                                            Hebrews 11: 1-3, 8-16
Sunday, August 14   10:00am                 Morning Worship
                                                                Jason Neal, Preacher
                                 (Pastor Tom, Guest Preacher at Bellmore Presbyterian Church)
Looking Ahead
Sunday, September 25     5:00pm        "The Three Sopranos" returning to OSHPC
                                                              for their concert "Divalicious". The group gave
                                                              their premiere concert of duets, solos, and trios                    
                                                              from Opera, Broadway and the American Songbook
                                                              here in October 2014. Since then they have had
                                                              many occasions on the North Shoe but have looked
                                                              forward to their return here. Ticket price is $20.

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