Wednesday, August 17, 2016

This Week at Old South Haven Church

Note: We trust Bobby Stirling will be in church this Sunday for two reasons: He turns 60 the day before (Aug.20) and having been baptized the following November (Nov. 18,  1956) he has been a part of this Congregation for 60 years, which is longer than any other member. We want to recognize this at our Coffee Hour on Sunday.

The Summer issue of the OSHPC News is in the mail. The on-line version is available at:
Sunday, Aug. 21        10:00am                 Morning Worship
                                                                  Sermon: "Set Free At Last"
                                                                  Lessons; Isaiah 58: 9b-14  Luke 13 10-17
Tuesday, Aug. 23         7:00pm                 Session Meeting
                                                                      home of Linda Majowka
Saturday, Aug 27         12:30pm               Wedding of Jeremy Barnes 
                                                                       and Dawn Wittschack
Sunday, Aug. 28           10:00am              Morning Worship
                                                                  Sermon: "Seating Arrangements"
                                                                  Lessons:  Hebrews 13: 1-8, 15-16
                                                                                   Luke 14: 1, 7-14
                                        4;00pm               Book discussion:   "Positively"
                                                                                The Gallery
Sunday, Sept. 4             10:00am               Morning Worship/ Holy Communion
                                                                    Sermon  "Reflections on Labor Day 2016"
                                                                    Lessons; Exodus 20: 8-11  John 6: 22-34
Monday, Sept. 5                                                       LABOR  DAY
Friday, Sept 9                  1:00pm                South Country Education Foundation
                                                                                  The Gallery
Sunday, Sept. 11           10:00am                Morning Worship
Sunday,  Sept. 18          10:00am                Morning Worship
                                       11:15am                Church Picnic
Sunday, Sept. 25             10:00am               Morning Worship
                                           5:00pm              "The Three Sopranos"
                                                                          Donation:  $20.

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