Friday, July 29, 2016

This Week at Old South Haven Church

Sunday, July 31            10:00am               Morning Worship
                                                                   Sermon:      "More"
                                                                              (the folly of greed)
                                                                   Lessons: Luke 12: 13-21  Colossians  3: 1-11
Tuesday, August 2         1:00pm               Lunch Bunch Group
                                                                  home of Janet Barry
August 3-5                                           Pastor Tom on study leave
                                                            National Campus Ministry Conference
                                                            Bentley University, Boston
Saturday, August 6                                          Hiroshima Day
                                       7:00pm          Peace Vigil Procession
                                                             from Bellport Cemetery to dock
                                                             South Country Peace Group
                                                          Pastor Tom will comment on the
                                                   2016 Platforms of the Republicans and Democrats
Sunday, August 7          10:00am      Morning Worship/ Holy Communion
                                                           Sermon:    "Not Now"
                                                                     (the stewardship of time)
                                                           Lessons:   Luke 12: 32-40
                                                                            Hebrews 11: 1-3,8-16
Sunday, August 14        10:00am      Morning Worship
                                                          Jason Neal, preacher
                                    (Pastor Tom, Guest Preacher at Bellmore Presbyterian Church)
Looking Ahead:
      We hope to schedule a September Sunday afternoon return engagement of
       "The Three Sopranos" in "Divalicious"   

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