Wednesday, July 6, 2016

This Week at Old South Haven Church

Friday, July 8      9:30am             Finance/Property Committee
Saturday, July 9   5:00pm-7:30pm     "Eager Minds"
                                                   South Country Educational Foundation
                                                                  Fund Raiser
                                                  home of Chantal and Richard Berman
                                                                $75 per person
Sunday, July 10    10:00am       Morning Worship
                                                    Sermon:  "The Road between Jerusalem and Jericho"
                                                    Lessons: Psalm 82   Luke 10: 25-37
Sunday, July 17    10;00am        Morning Worship
                                                    Sermon;   "Two Sisters"
                                                    Lessons;  Luke 10: 38-42   Colossians 1: 24-28
Looking Ahead
Tuesday- Friday                Pastor Tom on Study Leave
August 2-5                        National Campus Ministry Conference
                                          Bentley University, Boston
Saturday, Aug. 6                Hiroshima Day
                                           Peace Vigil Procession
                                           from Bellport Cemetery to the Dock
                                           South Country Peace Group
Saturday, August 13            " Ramsey Pack in Concert"
                                          a program in our music series
                                     a performance by a young musician, a student
                                   at Carnegie Mellon University, singing and playing
                                         selections from musicals.   Donation   $10

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