Sunday, December 7, 2014

Special Alert

Sunday, Dec. 7

I goofed.
Relying on past experience, I assumed that individuals would be present today, to put the lights and decorations on the tree once it was erected or at 2pm. That did not happen. Four people were present at 2pm but none of them knew what was involved in both stringing lights on the tree and setting up the switch situation Therefore we need to come up with an alternate plan.
As I am typing this e mail I received a call from Darcy indicating that she would be willing to do the stringing of lights if someone could indicate how the switch apparatus is to be done. She will be at the Church at 6:30pm on Tuesday , Dec. 9. I assured her I would have the heat up in the sanctuary.
Perhaps a few others would volunteer to be available to finish decorating the tree that same evening.
Either e mail me or telephone me.


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