Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

Sunday, August 1          10:00am        Morning Worship
                                                               Sermon:  "The Roadblock of Regret"
                                                               Lessons:   Genesis 42: 1-38   Luke 12: 35-48 
                                                                    Greeter:  William Scott
                                                                    Lay reader:  Sean Moran
                                                                    Coffee Hour:  Morgan/Wiswall
                                                                    Communion preparation:  H. Altomare 
Monday, August 2            7:15pm         Peace Network Meeting in the Gallery
Friday, August 6                                              Hiroshima Day
                                           7:00pm           Annual South Country Peace Group
                                                             World Peace Vigil procession remembering the first atomic bombing. Walkers will gather at the cemetery on Station Road. Walkers are encouraged to wear white (the Japanese color of mourning.
Looking Ahead:
        Sunday, August 8         Deadline for material for next NEWSletter
        Monday, August 16    7:00pm    Session Meeting at Linda Majowka's
        Monday, August 16 - Friday, August 20    Vacation Bible School 
                                                                               Bellport Methodist Church
        Sunday, August 29      7:30pm     Discussion on "Forgiving Ararat"  Gallery

Caithness Grant Update 
Recently Pastor Tom wrote a letter to Brookhaven Town Councilwoman Connie Kepert expressing "frustration and anger" in the matter of the approval of Old South Haven's proposal for funding some needed repairs and  improvements from Caithness monies.    See a copy of his letter.  
Three projects have been submitted to the Town  of Brookhaven as the first part of our already approved Caithness Community Grant proposal -- reroofing the church, repair of the box beam supporting the steeple, and repair and painting of the church windows.  We are awaiting the granting of these funding requests and their actual costs before additional projects are submitted to the Town.  All these pending projects were in  the original proposal approved by the Town board.  The Church's original request was for about $80,000 of work, of which only $35,000 was authorized by the Town board.  We are reluctant to seek quotations for additional work until we see that the way-be-clear with the Town.  Among the "waiting" work are repairs to the interior plaster and repainting of the interior.  We are hopeful that at least some portion of the work can be done with the remaining funds.
Other Maintenance Work
The Session has accepted a proposal for repairs to the steeple submitted by Quarltere' Painting  of Center Moriches, including repair of the weathervane and repainting of the upper tier.  Most of this work is covered by our insurance.

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