Monday, July 5, 2010

This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

July 7       9:30am       Presbyterian Clergy Book Study in the Gallery
The Book: "The Future of faith" by Harvey Cox
                 12:00noon   Mid Suffolk Parish Clergy in the Gallery
Sun., July 11      10:00am     Morning Worship
                               Sermon: "Being Spiritual: 1. Responding to Life"
                                Lessons:  I Samuel 12: 19-25  and Romans 8: 15b-27
Looking Ahead
Sun., July 18       10:00am    Morning Worship
                               Sermon: "Being Spiritual:2. Mysteries or Problems"
Mon., July 19        7:00am    Session Meeting
Sun., July 25       10:00am    Morning Worship
                               Sermon:  "Being Spiritual: 3. Affirming the Old in the New"
Tues., July 27        7:30pm   Presbytery's Middle East Study Group meeting in Patchogue 
                                Focus will be on the General Assembly's action on a Report on the Middle East titled "Breaking Down the Walls"
The General Assembly of our denomination is meeting this week in Minneapolis. If all the documents to the "paperless" 219th General Assembly were printed out, they'd rival Tolstoy's" War and Peace" in length. By the time the Assembly concludes July 10, the 712 commissioners and roughly 200 advisory delgates will have acted on more than 300 items of business that would span about 1,400 printed pages. Included as items to be discussed are: Middle East peace, the war in Afghanistan, ordination standards for church officers, the relationship between Christian marriage and same-sex unions, gun violence, theological issues around compensation for church workers and consideration of two doctrinal statements - the Heidelberg Catechism and the Belhar Confession
Issues internal to the life of the denomination include the election of the moderator, mission and per capita budgets for 2011 and 2012, a sweeping revision of the denomination's Form of Government and several other items.
A summary of the actions of this year's GA will appear in next week's email

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