Thursday, April 25, 2019

This week at Old South Haven Churdh

April 25, 2018

Members and Friends –

HE is risen! Easter Sunday has come and gone. The spring flowers brought into the sanctuary by the children of the church have made their way to garden beds and long-term care homes. The wonderful music sung by our choir is a faint echo in our minds. Our contributions to the One Great Hour of Sharing will soon be used to support the work of Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, Presbyterian Hunger Program and Self-Development of People. And, I think, that all the Easter Eggs were found in record time.

But Easter is not a single day to celebrate and then move on. I was struck this year by the number of people I chatted with in supermarket lines and in the neighborhood, who asked what I was doing for 'my holiday' or who told me about looking forward to a special meal at Mom's. It made Easter sound like just another holiday on the calendar. On our liturgical calendar Easter is a season. The scriptures drawn from the Acts of the Apostles relate how those first followers picked themselves up, or were raised up by a risen Lord. How they began to tell the story of his life, death and resurrection. How they banded together to break bread and care for one another in his name. But even when our calendar comes to Pentecost we are not yet done with Easter, for each and every Sunday when we gather to worship, we celebrate a 'little Easter.'
Jesus Christ lives in us and in the gathered community of faith.

So , we aren't done with new creation and the risen Lord. The question is where in our work and ministry, do we find Jesus with us today? On Sunday, May 5th, we are going to share our thoughts and ideas on the mission of OSH. Where do we want to put our mission dollars? Where do we want to put our hands and hearts to work? Join us after fellowship time in the gallery.

Oh, and about Easter Sunday, special thanks to Sandy and the choir for the wonderful music both on Easter Sunday and Good Friday, thanks to readers who helped make the Palm Sunday (especially Jeanne), Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday services richer. To Darcy (and helpers) for hiding Easter eggs and to Richard for his fantastic and delectable Easter Cakes.

In Christ, Pastor Karen

STAKES in the Lawn -- Keep an eye out for the three red tagged stakes on our lawn. Soon there will be three new trees in their place. The trees will come to us courtesy of the Brookhaven Village Association.
The 2019 Per Capita Assessment is $38.05 per member of Old South Haven. It is broken down as follows: $8.95 to the General Assembly, $4.10 to the Synod of the Northeast and $25.00 to the Presbytery of Long Island. Per Capita is – "the tie that binds" –annual support that unites the entire church in the ongoing and essential work that guides the Office of the General Assembly, the life of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and benefits every congregation and every mid-council ministry. Old South Haven remits the full per capita assessment. You can help free funds for other purposes here at Old South Haven by paying your individual per capita. Mark checks or envelopes for 'per capita." Many Thanks to those of you who have already paid your per capita.

Sunday, April 28        10:00 am    Worship – Kirsty Dickson Maret preaching
                        Fellowship after Service
                12:00 pm    Plumb Line
Sunday, May 5        10 :00 am    Worship-Communion
                        Pluralism Sunday
                        Fellowship Hour
                        Mission Focus – Session and Congregation Conversation
                        Gallery following fellowship

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