Thursday, April 4, 2019

This week at Old South Haven Churdh

April 4, 2019

Members and Friends—

This Sunday is Self-Development of People Sunday (SDOP). Our One Great Hour of Sharing Offering supports this program along with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and the Presbyterian Hunger Program. SDOP is on the ground ministry that affirms God's concern for all of humanity and its wellbeing. SDOP is made up of Presbyterians and other ecumenical partners committed in faith to act to empower those who are economically poor, oppressed and disadvantaged who desire to change the structures that perpetuate poverty, oppression and injustice.

Here are just two examples of the partnerships SDOP is invested in. In Rock Hill, South Carolina with the Catawba Cultural Preservation Project, families of the Catawba Tribe are working together to address issues of current and future food security. Many families are unable to acquire fresh, healthy food because they are without transportation and live far from a store that sells fresh vegetables. The grant will help this group of families learn how to grow food on their own land through hydroponic and permaculture methods. And in Detroit, Michigan SDOP partners with the youth collective
Stitching up Detroit. A non-profit youth-run screen print and graphic design collective that helps provide a source of income to students. The project does live screen printing events. Project members developed workshops for the Detroit-based nonprofit Alternatives For Girls and four Detroit public schools, which resulted in participants each printing their own designs on T-shirts.

In Matthew 25, Jesus asks his disciples, "where have you seen me?" The answer comes in what we do. Be it water for the thirsty, food for the hungry, clothing for the naked, welcome for the stranger, care for the sick or visiting the prisoner. It is about seeing that God has a preferential option and redeeming love for the poor. As disciples of Jesus Christ, Matthew 25 also shows us that we are implored to recognize that Jesus' ministry was one of anti-poverty in which he promoted justice, encouraged the building of relationships and established economic equity. These are also the pillars on which Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People (SDOP) stand.
Please remember that supporting SDOP is just one of the many things that your gift to One Great Hour of Sharing helps us to do as part of the body of Christ.

Peace, Pastor Karen

This week's Lenten Wednesday soup and reflection will be held at St. James Episcopal Church (269 Beaverdam Rd., Brookhaven) at 6:30 pm. The reflection time will begin at 7:15. Our collective mission in this season is our local food pantries. Please bring shelf-stable desert items for the food pantry.
The 2019 Per Capita Assessment is $38.05 per member of Old South Haven. It is broken down as follows: $8.95 to the General Assembly, $4.10 to the Synod of the Northeast and $25.00 to the Presbytery of Long Island. Per Capita is – "the tie that binds" –annual support that unites the entire church in the ongoing and essential work that guides the Office of the General Assembly, the life of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and benefits every congregation and every mid-council ministry. Old South Haven remits the full per capita assessment. You can help free funds for other purposes here at Old South Haven by paying your individual per capita. Mark checks or envelopes for 'per capita."

Sunday, April 7        10:00 am    Worship
                        Fellowship after Worship
                        Choir Practice after Worship
                12:30 pm    Plumb Line Team
Tuesday, April 9        1:00 pm    Presbytery Meeting at Sweet Hollow
Wednesday, April 10 6:30 pm    Lenten Wednesday Soup and Reflection at St. James
Sunday, April 14        10:00 am    Worship – Palm Sunday
                        Recognition of Rev. Jeanne Baum as Pastor Emeritus
                        Fellowship after Worship
                        Choir Practice after Worship
Thursday, April 18 7:30 pm    Maundy Thursday Service/Communion
Friday, April 19        7:00 pm    Good Friday Service
Sunday, April 21        sunrise    Sunrise Service at Bellport town dock
10:00 am    Easter Sunday
                        Fellowship after Service
                        Easter Egg Hunt after Service

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