Thursday, March 7, 2019

This week at Old South Haven Churdh

March 7, 2019

Sunday, March 10th – Wear Blue – It is PDA Blue T-shirt Sunday

Members and Friends –
We began the season of Lent last night with a moving joint service at Mary Immaculate Roman Catholic Church. It was the first of our Lenten Wednesday gatherings which will take us to our sister churches in the Bellport Clergy Group. Next week, March 13, we will be the host church for the first soup and reflection evening. (See calendar below for times.)
For many Protestants the celebration of Lent is not something we grew up with. This morning I chanced on an article in the Presbyterian Outlook where author Leslie Scanlon spoke to Jennifer Lord (professor of homiletics at Austin Theological Seminary) about its place in the history of the church and for Protestants. I thought I would share with you her key points:   
    Lent is connected to the way in which our celebration of Easter developed. Scholars believe that the early church celebrated the resurrection on a weekly
    basis. It was not until the Council of Nicea (325 AD)that Easter became an annual celebration with the date tied to Passover. The forty days of Lent became
    a time of preparation for adult baptism.
    A mistranslation that traces back to the Middle Ages turned a word that meant "paschal mystery" into "passion" with an emphasis on the suffering
    of Christ. Returning the word to its original meaning provided and opening for Protestants to observe Lent as a time for renewal of discipleship and
    exploring life in Christ.
I hope that each one of us will find time for reflection on our own faith journey, time to wait upon God, and renew our faith this Lenten season.
In Christ,
Pastor Karen

One Great Hour of Sharing—Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
PDA is the emergency and refugee program of the PC(USA). Here are some numbers that show you where the Blue Shirts are and have been. In the first half of 2017 20 countries received aid and support after catastrophic events. 28 states after natural and human-caused disasters. A budget of $10.4 million has been established for Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. There have been 50 deployments of 132 National Response Teams totaling more than 1000 days in the field. And that is just part of the story. One-third of the One Great Hour of Sharing Offering goes to support the work of the PDA. To see more go to for an interactive world map.

SAVE THE DATES: The final PLUMB LINE POTLUCK AND CONVERSATION will be on Sunday, March 24th at 5 pm.

This week's Lenten Wednesday soup and reflection will be held here at Old South Haven in the Gallery at 6:30 pm. The reflection time will begin at 7:15. Our collective mission in this season is our local food pantries. Please bring a non-perishable breakfast item, such as cereal or shelf table milk.
The 2019 Per Capita Assessment is $38.05 per member of Old South Haven. It is broken down as follows: $8.95 to the General Assembly, $4.10 to the Synod of the Northeast and $25.00 to the Presbytery of Long Island. Per Capita is – "the tie that binds" –annual support that unites the entire church in the ongoing and essential work that guides the Office of the General Assembly, the life of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and benefits every congregation and every mid-council ministry. Old South Haven remits the full per capita assessment. You can help free funds for other purposes here at Old South Haven by paying your individual per capita. Mark checks or envelopes for 'per capita."

Sunday, March 10        10:00 am        Worship/ Ordination and Installation   
                                Sunday School   
                                Fellowship after Worship
                                Choir Practice after Worship
                                Plumb Line Team
Wednesday, March 13    6:30 pm    Lenten Wednesday Soup and Reflection at OSH
Sunday, March 10        10 am        Worship
                                Sunday School
                                Fellowship after Worship
                                Choir Practice after Worship

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