Thursday, March 14, 2019

This week at Old South Haven Churdh

April 13, 2018

Members and Friends:

This week I'd like to share with you selections from one of the "Minutes for Mission" for the One Great Hour of Sharing Offering this year.

"Here is the big question: What is 'the church?'. . .Think about this: As the wider culture becomes less traditionally religious, the church—something we share as a congregation and individually dear in our hearts—becomes less understood, or misunderstood, by many. Like it or not, it is a fact.

And as hard as it is to admit, sometimes we too fall into the trap of reducing 'the church' to the buildings where people gather on Sunday morning. . . .Many of us learned in our childhoods that 'the church' is the people –its you and me. "here is the church, here is the steeple, open the doors, see all the people.". . .this rhyme is a useful reminder that the church isn't a building. . .I think we might unlock something else in that simple rhyme. . .As we sit inside the building today, we need to open the doors and se ALL the people outside the doors: people whose home have been washed away by hurricanes and floods, people trapped in systems of injustice and oppression, people who will go to bed tonight hungry or without a roof over their heads.
. . .The church's identity is defined by opening its doors and joining with the most vulnerable of God's children in the world. . .The church's identity reflects the call of Isaiah to become repairers of the breach. It is through One Great Hour of Sharing that Presbyterians together open our doors to become the church with all the people we see.

In Christ,

Pastor Karen

SAVE THE DATES: The final PLUMB LINE POTLUCK AND CONVERSATION will be on Sunday, March 24th at 5 pm.

This week's Lenten Wednesday soup and reflection will be held here at Christ Episcopal Church (64 South Country Road, Bellport) at 6:30 pm. The reflection time will begin at 7:15. Our collective mission in this season is our local food pantries. Please bring a non-perishable lunch item, such as peanut butter, jelly or canned tuna.

Sunday, March 17    10:00 am    Worship
                        Fellowship after Worship
                        Choir Practice after Worship
                        Plumb Line Team
Wednesday, March 20    6:30 pm    Lenten Wednesday Soup and Reflection at Christ Episcopal
Sunday, March 24    10 am    Worship
                        Sunday School
                        Fellowship after Worship
                        Choir Practice after Worship
                5 pm        Plumb Line Potluck/ Conversation

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