Wednesday, November 28, 2018

This week at Old South Haven Churdh

This Week at Old South Haven                        November 28, 2018

Members and Friends-

My neighbors have been busy these last few days. Christmas decorations abound all around me. But wait, are we even ready for a journey to the manger? It is easy to rush ahead to the secularized Christmas that surrounds us in our neighborhoods, stores and media. But we are called to a different way. The season of Advent is one of watchful waiting set in the reality of our lives. It calls us to believe that the promises of God are certain even if we have trouble imagining a kingdom of peace and light coming to being.
It asks of us faithfulness and hope no matter what. Right now OSH is in transition and no one of you knows what this time will ask of you, no one knows exactly what your future looks like. What you are asked to do is journey together faithfully in expectation of the new future that lies before you. So take this time in Advent to be still, prepare your hearts to watch and wait. Trust that God is still with you as you continue to follow after his Son.

In Christ,
Pastor Karen

The Christmas Boutique is this Saturday, December 1st, from 10 am – 3 pm --Baked goods are needed. Also, I am told that a true treat is waiting for you so come and bring friends and neighbors.

Last week you should have received the Stewardship 2019 letter. So that the Session can make the best plans for the coming year please return your pledge card no later than Sunday, December 16th. Thank-you

Christmas Joy Offering – "Every generous act of giving . . .is from above. (James 1.17)
During the Advent season we celebrate leadership; past present and future through this church wide offering. Each of us has been influenced at some point in our faith journey by pastors who have led our congregations. Your contributions help to support current and retired church workers in need through income supplements, housing supplements and emergency grants. It also serves to support our historic commitment to higher education at schools such as Menaul School in New Mexico, Presbyterian Pan American School in Texas and Stillman College in Alabama. Watch for more information in the coming weeks.
This Week
Saturday, December 1st    10 am -3 pm        Christmas Boutique
Sunday, December 2nd     10:00 am        Communion Worship, First Sunday of Advent
                            Fellowship after Worship           
Tuesday, December 4th        1:00 pm        Lunch Bunch at Judi Bird's
Wednesday, December 5th    11:30 am        Pastor meets with Bellport Clergy
Sunday, December 9th         10:00 am        Worship
                            Sunday School
                            Fellowship after Service

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