Thursday, November 22, 2018

This week at Old South Haven Churdh

November 22, 2018

A Thanksgiving Prayer

O God, our Provider, you open your hand and lavish good gifts upon us. So we give you thanks. You create the beauty of the earth and stock it with abundance to sustain human life. You give us friends who share the journey of our lives; family who make us laugh with joy and dry our tears of sorrow; strangers who minister to our needs with generous kindness. You knit us into your larger family called church to encourage us in your Way. You have blessed us with the freedoms of a great nation. "Thank you" seems insufficient for all your blessings, yet we say it with all we are as an offering of gratitude for our many blessings that we name before you. {Enumerate all you're thankful for; count your blessings}. Though we may have seen our fortunes fall this year, we praise you for hiding our treasure in Jesus Christ our Lord, whom not even death can destroy. Though we miss those whose places sit empty at this year's table, we give you thanks for lending them to us for what time we had. For all your providence with the feast of life that you set before us, we give ourselves to you with all we are in thanks and praise. Amen. [tls]

Pastor Karen

This Week
Sunday, December 2nd     10:00 am    Communion Worship, First Sunday of Advent
                        Fellowship after Worship           
Tuesday, December 4th        1:00 pm    Lunch Bunch at tbd
Wednesday, December 5th    11:30 am    Pastor meets with Bellport Clergy
Sunday, December 9th         10:00 am    Worship
                        Sunday School
                        Fellowship after Service

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