Friday, June 23, 2017

This Week at Old South Haven Chrch

Note: The winner of this year's Peacemaking Essay Contest is unable to be with us this Sunday so we will try to reschedule this.
 The sermon I was preparing "Fear vs. Awe" related to that essay so will stay in the "hopper".
                                                                                                         Pastor Tom
Sunday, June 25                       10:00am                    Morning Worship
                                                                                    Sermon:  "Letters
                                                                                    Lessons:  Ezra 4: 1-16   II Corinthians 7: 2-16
Tuesday, June 27                  11:30am-4:30pm          Presbytery Meeting
                                                                                    Old First Presbyterian Church
Sunday, July 2                         10:00am                     Morning Worship/Holy Communion
                                                                                    Sermon: "A Christian Nation!...?"
                                                                                    Lessons: Psalm 33  I Peter 2: 9-11
Tuesday, July 4                                                                 INDEPENDENCE  DAY

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