Wednesday, February 22, 2017

This Week at Old South Haven Chrch

Friday, Feb. 24                                                Alumni/ae Council meeting,
Saturday, Feb. 25                                            Union Theological Seminary, NYC
                                                                        Pastor Tom attending
Sunday, Feb. 26                10:00am                Transfiguration  Sunday/ Morning Worship
                                                                         Sermon:  "The Mark of the Mountaintop"
                                                                         Lessons: Matthew 17:1-9  II Peter 1: 16-21
                                                                         Sunday School
                                              5:30pm              Pot Luck Supper
Wednesday, March 1                                      ASH  WEDNESDAY
Sunday, March 5               10:00am                First Sunday of Lent/ Holy Communion
                                                                        Sermon: The Power To Resist Temptation
                                                                        Lessons:  Genesis 2:15-17; 3:1-7
                                                                                         Matthew 4: 1-11
Monday, March 6               8:30am                 Mid Suffolk Presbyterian Clergy
                                                                        Holbrook Diner
Saturday, March 11          12:30pm                South Country Peace Group
                                                                                in Gallery
Sunday, March 12            10:00am                Second Sunday of Lent/ Morning Worship
                                                                       Sermon:  "A Life of Contrasts"
                                                                       Lessons:  Genesis 12: 1-4  John 3: 1-17
                                                                       Sunday School
Wednesday, March 15      1:00pm                 Becker/Gamble Music Committee
                                                                                in Gallery
Thursday, March 16        10:00am                Personnel Committee/ LICC
Sunday, March 19           10:00am                Third Sunday of Lent/ Morning Worship
                                          4:00pm                Book Study in the Gallery: Karen Armstrong's
                                                                     "The Spiral Staircase; My Climb Out of Darkness"


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