Tuesday, March 22, 2016

This Week at Old South Haven Church

Thursday, Mar. 24             MAUNDY  THURSDAY
                     7:00pm    A Seder and Holy Communion
                                    The Messianic Passover Haggadah
        Haggadah means "the telling". Passover, the story of the Hebrews
        flight from the bondage of Egypt has been retold for thousands
        of years. It is the story of miraculous transitions- from slavery
        to freedom, from despair to hope, from darkness to light.
        One of the last earthly acts of Jesus was the celebration of the
        Passover with his disciples.. At that Seder he spoke to them of  
        his death. We are happy that Ilene Gelfer will be with us to
        offer the Passover prayers in Hebrew,
Friday, Mar. 25                    GOOD FRIDAY
                     7:00pm    Tenebrae  (A service of the approaching darkness)
         Meditations on the Seven Last Words from the Cross interspersed
         with hymns and prayers, Bellport United Methodist Church joins us.
         Pastors Ando and Philipp will lead the service. The choir anthem is
         "Behold Him in Dark Gethsemane" The Service ends in darkness
         with Robert Price singing "Were You There?" Worshippers leave
         in silence.
Sunday, Mar. 27                      EASTER
                   6:00am     Ecumenical Sunrise Service at Bellport Dock
         Clergy of eight of our local churches will be participating. The
         Easter Message will be delivered by The Rev. William Hanson,
         Pastor of Mary Immaculate Roman Catholic Church. Maurice
         Kemp of Christ Episcopal Church will provide keyboard
               10:00am              Easter Service
        Guest musicians enriching our music: Maurice Tompkins, trombone;
        Justin Millner, trombone, and Robert Price, piano. The choir
        anthem is " Alleluia, He is Risen". One Great Hour of Sharing
        will be received and dedicated. Bring an Easter plant for
        children to decorate our communion table. Sermon:
       "Beyond Damage Control", Lessons John 20:11-18 and
        Acts 10: 34-43
                         A BLESSED EASTER TO ALL

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