Thursday, March 3, 2016

This Week at Old South Haven Church

Sunday, Mar. 6    10:00am          Fourth Sunday in Lent/ Holy Communion
                                                    Sermon  "The Mysterious Chemistry of Parental Love"
                                                    Lessons;  2 Corinthians 5:16-21  Luke 15: 1-3, 11b-32
                              5:00pm                            Vespers
Sunday, Mar. 13  10:00am          Fifth Sunday in Lent
                                                    Sermon:  "A Time for Unusual Acts"
                                                    Lessons;  Isaiah 43: 16-21  John 12: 1-8
                                                    Sunday School
                                                    DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME begins
Friday, Mar. 18     12:30pm         Becker/Gambles Music Committee
                                                                       in the Gallery
                                                                   HOLY WEEK
Sunday, Mar. 20         10:00am                Palm Sunday
                                                                 Sermon: "The Road to Jerusalem"
                                                                 Lessons:  Isaiah 50: 4-9a  Mark 11: 1-10,15-19
                                                                 One Great Hour of Sharing envelope available
Thursday, Mar. 24          7;00pm              Maundy Thursday
                                                                 A Seder and Holy Communion
                                                                 Ilene Gelfer will join us and speak the Hebrew prayers
Friday, Mar. 25               7:00pm              Good Friday
                                                                 Tenebrae  ( a Service of the approaching darkness)
                                                                 Bellport United Methodist joins us
                                                                 Pastors Ando and Philipp leading the Service
Sunday, Mar. 27                                                       EASTER
                                       6:00am              Ecumenical Sunrise Service at the Bellport Dock
                                     10:00am              Easter Service
                                                                 Sermon:  "Beyond Damage Control"
                                                                 Lessons; John 20: 1-18  Acts 10: 34-40
                                                                 One Great Hour of Sharing Offering dedicated
                                                                 (Bring Easter plants for the children to decorate
                                                                              our communion table)
                                                                 Children's Easter egg hunt after the Service

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