Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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           This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church


Sunday, Dec. 4     10:00am        First Sunday of Advent

                                                      Holy Communion

                                                   Sermon        “Expecting”

                                   Lessons:  Jeremiah 33: 14-16  Luke 1: 26-35

                                   Advent Candle of Hope: Brian Mullahy

                                   Lay Reader: Linda Scott

               Afternoon: decorating Christmas tree and sanctuary

                                  5:00pm      Christmas Program

                               Music: Mark Quintana and Linda Bonaccorso

                               Prose: Deborah Mayo and  Pastor Tom

                                    followed by light supper, provided

Saturday, Dec. 8    10:00am   Service of Celebration for the Life of

                                                        William Scott

Sunday, Dec. 9      10:00am     Second Sunday of Advent

                                                     Sermon:  “Waiting

Tuesday, Dec. 11   1:00pm   Lunch Bunch at Dorothy Jones’s

Friday, Dec. 14      7:00pm   Church Officers Christmas Party

                                                            at the manse

Sunday, Dec. 16   10:00am   Third Sunday of Advent

                                                      Sermon:   “Anticipating”

Monday, Dec. 17    7:00pm   Session Meeting

Sunday, Dec. 23    10:00am   Fourth Sunday of Advent

                                                       Sermon: Receiving”

Monday, Dec. 24   11:00pm  Christmas Eve Candle Light Service

                                                           Lessons and Carols

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