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            This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church


Thank you to Brian Mullahy, Linda Majowka, and Kevin Barry

for their sermons on the three Sundays of August when I was away.  Word has come to me that each did a wonderful job with letting the story of our Faith speak to their personal experiences.*

                                                                  Pastor Tom


Sunday, September 2       10:00am      Morning Worship

                                                             Holy Communion

                                          Sermon:    “Labor Day and Booyah”

                                          Lessons:    Mark 7: 1-8,14-15 ,21-23

                                                            James 1: 17-27

Before barbecues, Labor Day sales, or last day at the beaches, Pastor Tom was subject to another Labor Day tradition.  What is significant about traditions?  What about church traditions?  Can traditions and “the traditional” keep us from moving forward and being  relevant?


Kevin Barry, soloist, will sing “We Gather At Your Table Lord”

Peggy Angus is our organist for this service.


Where was your Pastor the past three Sunday’s On August 12 and August he attended worship at Riverside Church in New York City. On August 26 he substituted for his niece, Rachel Vione at the Bellmore/Merrick service held in the Bellmore Church. For many years these two congregations have held joint worship service during the summer with each church hosting five services. This marked the first time Pastor Tom returned to preach there since his retirement seven years ago.




* If you missed their sermons, they are available online at

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