Tuesday, April 24, 2012

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           This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church


Tuesday, April 24         10:30am        Guest organist: practice

                                        7:00pm    Deacons’ Meeting at the Manse


Wednesday, April 25                          Organ Tuner


Thursday, April 26       10:00am    Clergy Study Group: Presbytery

                                        3:30pm         Piano Tuner


Friday, April 27             12noon      Concert Rehearsal

                                       7:30pm      “Jesus Seminar”  Manhasset


Saturday, April 28          9:30am     “Jesus Seminar” Manhasset

                                        12noon          Concert  Rehearsal


                                       5:00pm    “OPERA, ORGAN and MORE”

                                             an afternoon recital in the sanctuary.
                                             MORE INFORMATION


Sunday, April 29          10:00am      Morning Worship

                                      Sermon:    “Love in Action…Show Me”

                                (with thanks to Alan Lerner’s “My Fair Lady”)

                                          Lessons:   John 10: 11-18

                                                            I John 3: 16-24


Wednesday, May 2        12noon       Clergy Lunch at Father Jerry’s

                                                        Bethany Heritage, Mastic Beach


Thursday, May 3                               National Day of Prayer


Saturday, May 5              3:00pm      South Country Peace Group

                                                        South Country Library, Bellport


Sunday, May 6                10:00am   Morning Worship

                                                         Holy Communion

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