Thursday, April 5, 2012

[news] This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

           This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church


Thursday, April 5       7:00pm     Maundy Thursday in the Gallery

                                                             “Voices at the Table”

                                                     Holy Communion


Friday, April 6            7:30pm     Good Friday Service

                                                          Tenebrae  Service

                                                     Bellport Methodist Church


Sunday, April 8           6:00am     Easter Sunrise Service

                                                              Bellport Dock

                                                     Meditation: Dr. John E, Brandon


                                   10:00am                 EASTER

                          Sermon: “He Has Been Set Loose in the World”

                          Lessons:   Mark 16: 1-8   I Corinthians 15: 1-11

                          Dedication of One Great Hour of Sharing Offering You are invited to bring an Easter plant; place it in the vestibule  and the children will bring them into the sanctuary during the service.


                                   “Being the Resurrection”

                                       by Victoria Weinstein

The stone has got to be rolled back from the tomb again and again each year. Roll up your sleeves.


He is not coming back you know.

He is not coming back unless it is we who rise for him

We who lay healing hands on the reviled and rejected like he did

on his behalf –

We who rage for righteousness in his insistent voice

We who love the sinner, even knowing that “the sinner” is no farther off than our own heartbeat


He will not be back to join us at the table

To share God’s extravagant banquet

God’s love feast, all are invited, come as you are

And so it is you and I who must feast for him

Must say the grace and break the bread and pass it to the left

and dish up the broiled fish (or pour the wine) and pass it to the right.

And treat each one so tenderly

as though just this morning she or he made the personal effort

to make it back from heaven, or form hell

but certainly from death

to be by our side.


Because if by some miracle (and why not a miracle?)

He did come back

Wouldn’t he want to see us like this?

Wouldn’t it be a miracle to live for just one day

So that if he did, by some amazing feat

come riding into town

He could take a look around and say

“This is what I meant!”


And we could say

it took us a long time..

but we finally figured it out.


Oh, let us live to make it so.


You are the resurrection and the life.

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