Wednesday, August 31, 2011

[news] This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

             This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church


It was quite a weekend: Hurricane Irene. In our area problems were minor: loss of power, many branches and a few trees down, planned events cancelled.  Last Sunday was the second time this year weather conditions made it necessary to cancel our Worship Service. (I had never needed  to cancel services before in my long ministry).  No Presbyterian church on Long Island had services, and, I believe that was true for New York City as well.  I am told that some people in NYC were disappointed that it was not worse so they would have something to talk about in the years ahead: “remember that great storm we had back in August of 2011!!”  However, there is still much to be done to return to ‘normalcy’.


I didn’t get a chance to preach the sermon I had prepared for last Sunday, so,

you get it warmed up this Sunday….of course with some revisions.


Sunday, September 4          10:00am        Morning Worship

                                             Sermon: “How Much Is It Worth To You?”

                                             Lessons:    Genesis 29: 15-28

                                                                Matthew 13: 31-33, 44-52


Sunday, September 11          10:00 am Morning Worship

                                       “A Service of Hope and Remembrance”

                 We will utilize worship material prepared by the Rev. Eileen Lindner, pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Tenafly, NJ and the Rev. Jon Brown, a Presbyterian minister and Pastor of Old Bergen Church, Jersey City, NJ for the National Council of Churches observance of   the 10th Anniversary of 9/11.  In addition we will sing a new hymn written by Rev. Carolyn Winfrey Gillette, co-pastor with her husband Bruce of Limestone Presbyterian Church, Wilmington, Del. for use in this service, titled “O God, Our Hearts Were Shattered.” A second hymn we will sing is “Song of Peace” (one of John Deitz’s favorites) set to the tune of “Finlandia.”

                      Lessons     Psalm 46: 1-3, 9-11  and II Corinthians 4: 1, 5-10




Update: The plastering is completed, the walls and ceiling have been painted; painting the pews is underway.

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