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                        This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church


Sunday, August 21     10:00 am        Morning Worship

                                                           Sermon     “The Power of Imagination”

                                                           Lessons  Genesis 28: 10-17  Revelation 4

                                                               The third of three messages on the contribution

                                                                   Of Celtic Spirituality

        The liturgy for this Sunday will utilize worship materials from the Iona Community located on the Island of Iona off the western coast of Scotland. The founder of the Iona Community is George MacLeod.(1895-1991). Resource books used are “ A Wee Worship Book” produced by the Wild Goose Worship Group, “Celtic Prayers from Iona” by J. Phillip Newell, and “Listening for the Heartbeat of God: A Celtic Spirituality” also by J. Philip Newell. The Rev Dr. Newell is Warden of Spirituality for the Anglican diocese of Portsmouth. He is a Church of Scotland minister who has served at St. Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh, and as Warden of Iona Abbey.  The name Wild Goose Publications lifts up the wild goose which is a Celtic symbol for the Holy Spirit. We are used to using the dove as a symbol for the Holy Spirit but perhaps the wild goose is a more apt symbol. Wild geese are untamed, uncontrolled. They make a lot of noise, and have a habit of biting those who try to contain or capture them.  That has been the Christian experience of the Holy Spirit through two thousand years. Time and again when theology and God have appeared to be firmly in the control of hierarchies and religious establishments, the Spirit of God has broken free – and has often bitten those who tried to prevent it happening. I believe that is happening once again in our day.



Some Highlights from Session Meeting of August 15:

  1. Painting of the sanctuary ceiling should begin this week.
  2. Motion passed to redo the Gallery floor after the painting is finished in the sanctuary.
  3. Motion passed to reconstruct the saddle and rotted part of the door frame on the side door.
  4. Motion passed to seed the area on the side of the church building.
  5. Motion passed that we take no action on paying fees ordered by the Fire Marshall. We are awaiting a reply to our letter of inquiry and protest on these charges.
  6. Motion that we incorporate a remembrance of 9/11 on the 10th anniversary of this tragedy during our Sunday worship on that day.
  7. Motion that we schedule our next Church Family Night Supper in September and encourage attendees to bring the dish of the recipe they submitted for our cook book.

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