Thursday, July 7, 2011

[news] Old South Haven Presbyterian Church News

               This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church


Oops:   In last week’s sermon, I made an aside that President Woodrow Wilson was a Presbyterian minister. I knew as soon as I said it that was in error but I did not correct myself.  Wilson’s father was a Presbyterian minister, President Wilson was a lawyer and had served as President of Princeton University. ( I was surprised, however, that no one pointed out my mistake at the Coffee Hour!)     (TJP)


Saturday, July 9       5:00pm     Wedding of Amy Starke and Jerome Mathieu

                                                       Held at Helen Starke’s home


Sunday, July 10        10:00am    Morning Worship;  More Light Sunday

                                 Sermon: “The Significance of NYS’s Marriage Equality

                                                        Law for the Religious Communities”

                                  Lessons:  Romans 5:1-5  and John 16: 12-15


            As a More Light Presbyterian congregation working for the full inclusion of gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual within the life and work of the church, we have each year for the past five years observed More Light Sunday on the first Sunday of June. This year I was in Peru on that Sunday and it looked as though we would bypass the observance this year. Upon my return, however, I received an email from the More Light Network recommending an observance on July 10 to recognize the positive vote of our presbyteries and removing the restrictive clause which prohibited GLBT individuals from being ordained to the office of deacon, elder or, clergy. Our Call to Worship is provided by the Network (edited) In our situation we can couple this ‘celebration’ with the passage of the Marriage Equality Law in New York State. Therefore we have opportunity to observe a late More Light Sunday with good reasons. The sermon will point out that all is not yet settled! There is still work to be done.  (TJP)


Looking Ahead

     Monday, July 18          7:00pm      Meeting of Session

     Wednesday, July 20     7:00pm      Discussion of Barbara Brown Taylor’s

                                                                  “An Altar in the World”

                                                                       (place to be announced)

Note: We anticipate knowing by Sunday when the plastering and then painting of the Sanctuary will begin.

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