Wednesday, June 29, 2011

[news] This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

                         This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church



Sunday, July 3              10:00am        Morning Worship

                                                            Sermon:  “A Christian Nation..! ?”

                                                            Lessons:  Psalm 33   I Peter 2: 9-11

                            Was America founded to be a Christian nation, or a secular

                             state?  Pastor Tom plans to present arguments on both

                             sides of that question and the significance of them in light

                             of the two scripture lessons.


Monday, July 4                      INDEPENDENCE  DAY


Tuesday, July 5          7:00pm      Finance and Property Committee at

                                                      Ann Wiswall’s


Saturday, July 9          5:00pm     Wedding: Amy Starke and Jerome Mathieu

                                                      at Helen Starke’s home, 68 Bay Road


Sunday, July 10         10:00am     Morning Worship: More Light Sunday

                                                      Sermon:  “The Significance of NYS’s

                                                      Marriage Equality Law for the Religious



Monday, July 18          7:00pm    Meeting of Session


Wednesday, July 20     7:00pm    Discussion of Barbara Brown Taylor’s

                                                      “An Altar in the World”

                                                      (place to be announced)


A Note:

     We have been informed that the bid for plastering and painting in the sanctuary has now been awarded. At the next meeting of the Finance and Building Committee ( July 5) a time schedule will be worked out for beginning the work.


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