Saturday, January 29, 2022

Message from the Pastor: IN PERSON WORSHIP (Yaphank & Old South Haven)

Good Afternoon All:

After conversations with musicians and one clerk (Sean is at work so message left for him) I have decided to CANCEL in person worship for Sunday.  However, there will be worship....

Linda and I spoke yesterday and the thought of doing zoom in our pre-July 4th mode was discussed and I think this is the smartest thing to do.  Suffolk County, in it's entirety, is now included in the blizzard warning with winds gusting at 60+ mph and 12-24 inches of snow possible.  It just makes sense to stay off the roads, not take any chances no matter how close you are to the church.  Besides staying off the roads gives the highway workers the opportunity to get them cleaned off sooner than if we tie up the roads with our cars many of which might end up on the side disabled.  This decision also allows our snow removal folks the opportunity to assist highway people if needed to get those roads cleared.

LINDA:  Since I'm sure I do not have all email addresses for those on the "Reporter" list would you please send this out through that venue?  Thank you so much.

NOW FOR YAPHANK:  Worship for Old South Haven is at 10:30.  Some of you have been sent the link already.  But I will send it to you again when Linda sends this note out to the Old South Haven folks I've missed.  Link on early and you can get to know your Presbyterian family members from down the road.

Have a cup of coffee or tea ready and we can have a coffee hour following worship.  Something we've not been able to do for awhile.

See you in "church"


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From history. 2005:
Sent: Monday, January 24, 2005 8:22 AM
To: Baum, Bob and Jeanne ( <>
Subject: Walkways -- Snow and Ice

John cleared off the walkways at the church yesterday with his snow blower, and I shoveled the bit that the snow blower couldn't reach.

With loading and unloading the snow blower into John's pickup, it takes longer than one might expect. 

I took a picture, and we noticed an odd thing.  If you blow up the picture below (see insert at lower left), you will see a face in the snow blower (in the middle).  We think it is probably the spirit of one of the saints of the church, but it wasn't anyone we recognized.   :-)   :-)

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