Thursday, September 19, 2019

This week at Old South Haven Churdh

This Week at OSH                September 19, 2019

A called meeting of the Congregation of Old South Haven Presbyterian Church will be held on Sunday, October 6th, following worship. The purpose of the meeting is to:
1) elect an at-large member of the Nominating Committee,
2) Present information regarding the broad financial picture of the church,
and 3) Hear from the chair of Stewardship.

Elder Sean Moran, clerk of session
The Rev. Karen Sue Hybertsen, Ph.D., Moderator

Peace and Global Witness Offering

What's in your mailbox these days? For most of us it is mainly bills and junk. Once in a while we find a handwritten envelope with a card or a letter from a friend or loved one, or perhaps even an invitation.

Church can be like the contents of our mailboxes, real or virtual. We have sign-up sheets. We think of the time commitment being asked of us and wonder where it might fit into our already busy lives. It starts to feel more like another obligation. What if we thought of those times when we are asked to give of ourselves as an invitation instead? On World Communion Sunday we are issued an invitation to the Table. And not just us but to believers wherever they may be found. Here despite differences we are joined together into one body and invited to fling wide the doors of our hearts and churches even wider. To those who are struggling, suffering, caught in the wake of all the violence we humans have unleashed on our good home.

It is a personal invitation from Christ to work for the end of violence, to seek reconciliation, and build new ways of community that seek the common good of all. We seek Shalom which is more than just peace but wholeness for the entirety of God's good creation.

One way that we do this is through the Peace and Global Witness offering. A portion of the offering we collect each year is retained by
the congregation. In 2019 we used some of these funds to award two prizes to young writer in the annual Peace Essay Contest.

Potluck BBQ. Join us on Sunday, September 29th at 5 pm for some BBQ and conversation. Bring yourself, some friends and a side dish. The Deacons are providing everything else. See you there.

August Income and Expenses

Net Deposits $6,842.52 Net Withdrawals $6,973.02 These totals include both capital/gift and routine income & expenses
August expenses exceeded deposits by $130.50.
Year-to-date routine withdrawals have exceeded income by $8,438.36

Fish and Chicken Dinner at Ruth A.M.E. Church
(105 Station Road, Bellport) this Saturday, September 21st. The meal includes sides, soda and desert all for $12.00. Call the church at 631.803.2251 to place an order.


Sunday, September 21    9:30 am    Choir
10 am    Worship
        Church School
`                        Session
                        Choir after Fellowship

Sunday, September 29    9:30 am    Choir
                10 am    Worship
                        Choir after Fellowship
                5 pm        Potluck BBQ

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