Friday, June 21, 2019

This week at Old South Haven Churdh

This Week at Old South Haven             June 21 , 2019

Plumb Line Study---
The members of Session and the Plumb Line team wish to thank all those who took time to carefully read the report and make suggestions for its improvement. At its regularly scheduled meeting the Session incorporated some of those suggestions into the report. The revised report has now been submitted to the Committee on Ministry of the Presbytery of Long Island for review at its July 9th meeting. Representatives of the Session and the Plumb Line Team will be attending that meeting to answer questions from the Committee.

Other Session Items—
At the June 17th meeting the Session appointed John Deitz as Financial Secretary and Linda Majowka as Assistant Financial Secretary. Approved the awarding of a first and second prize in this year's Peace Essay Contest. Noted that a deposit has been made to begin work on the repair of the bell and that a generous contribution has been received to help pay for the repair.

Pastor Karen on Vacation—
She will be away between June 22 and July 6 and back in the pulpit on July 7. For Pastoral Care while she is away please contact Deacons.

This Week—
This Week will return on Thursday, July 11.


Sunday, June 23    10:00 am    Worship – Elder Jason Neal preaching
Sunday, June 30    10:00 am    Worship – Elder Linda Majowka preaching
Tuesday, July2    1:00 pm    Lunch Bunch at tbd
Sunday, July 7    10:00 am    Worship/Communion

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