Wednesday, January 2, 2019

This week at Old South Haven Churdh

January 2, 2019
Prayer for the New Year by Jill Duffield (Presbyterian Outlook)
God of our past, present and future, as the calendar turns and we greet another year, we ask not so much for answers to those questions that perplex us, but for confidence in your never-failing care for us.

As we reflect on the year we leave behind, we begin with gratitude for the moments and the milestones in which we experienced your presence. As we look to the year ahead, we start with hope for a kinder, more just, lavishly loving world. Through all the years, we depend on the abundance of your grace, the generosity of your mercy and the unwavering promise of your compassion.

Aid us, Almighty God, when we fail to be the people you create and call us to be. Comfort us, Abba, when we face times of sadness, loss and grief. Admonition us, Lord of all, when we neglect the teachings of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Guide us, Triune God, all the days of this new year, and indeed, every day of our lives until that time when we see you face to face. Amen.
Dear Members and Friends-
At its December 29 meeting the Session laid some of the ground work for the upcoming Plumb Line Study. This is the process used by the Presbytery to help congregations in transition be best prepared for the future God intends for them. It is a self-study with three basic questions: Who is OSH (today)? Who are OSHs neighbors? And What is God calling OSH to do and or be? Though simple these questions provide the base for a lively and engaging conversations.
This week I am inviting people, selected by the Session, to be a part of the organizational and writing team. Once a team is built they will meet to set up the full study. You also are a key part of the study, be you a member or a part of the community. All voices are important. The core of your involvement will be at three potlucks and conversations in January and February. Once the dates are selected the dates will be published. This is important work so please, when dates are published, make room for them in your schedule.
Pastor Karen

Looking to Start a Personal Bible Study in 2019?—There are two, actually hundreds, Bible study platforms online that are worth a look. has a reading plan and supporting resources. has a number of study resources including some with video content. Check one out.
On Sunday we will take down the Christmas tree and other decorations. If you can, please remain after service and lend a hand.
Sunday, January 6            10:00 am    Worship,
                Intern Kirsty Dickson-Maret preaching
                                Fellowship after Worship
Tuesday, January 7            1:00 pm    Lunch Bunch in Gallery
Wednesday, January 8    1        1:30 am    Pastor w/ Bellport Clergy

To reach Pastor Karen: 973.592.7392,, or

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