Friday, September 1, 2017

This Week at Old South Haven Church - church bell and Charlotte

A Personal Note:
    I am back in Brookhaven after having a wonderful week at Chautauqua Institution, I will be sharing much of that in the next issue of our NEWSletter,
I am thankful to Alan Stevens and Linda Majowka who filled the pulpit for the two Sundays I was gone. I am so thankful to Darcy Stevens  who initiated the Bell Ringing act of solidarity with those in Charlottesville who protested against demonstrations of hate, bigotry, and racism. I am proud and grateful that our Session approved and supported this activity. May our Church Bell and our Congregation always witness to equality of all. Thanks to the several bell ringers who are participating during the month of September. (Please note below the great picture of Darcy's dexterity in this week's Long Island Advance.)
The schedule that follows is a witness to all the activity that will take place here during this month of September.
                                                                                    Pastor Tom

Sunday, Sept. 3                  10:00am                          Morning Worship/ Labor Day Message/ Holy Communion
                                                                                   Sermon;  "Work as Our Living Worship"
                                                                                   Lessons:  Genesis 3:13-19  II Timothy `: 1-14, 2: 14-15
                                                                                   Choir Anthem;     "In Remembrance"
(Newletter Note from Linda Scott: Just a quick reminder to email your reports and articles by this weekend. 
We hope to have the Newsletter ready for mailing by October 1st.

Monday, Sept 4                                                                        LABOR DAY
Tuesday, Sept 5                   1:00pm                          Lunch Bunch Group at home of Nancy Best
Saturday, Sept 9                 12:30pm                         South Country Peace Group in Gallery

Sunday, Sept. 10
        10:00am                         Morning Worship
                                                          Sermon:  :The Roadblock to Regret'
                                                           Lessons:  Genesis 42: 1-38  Luke 12: 35-48

Tuesday, Sept. 12              11;30am                         Brookhaven/Bellport Clergy Lunch
Wednesday, Sept. 13           8:30am                         Mid Suffolk Presbyterian clergy Breakfast  

Sunday, Sept.17                 10:00am                         Morning Worship
                                              5:00pm                        Book Study:; "Here If You Need Me"
                                                                                                    by Kate Braestrup
                                                                                                            in Gallery
Monday, Sept. 18                 7:00pm                        Session Meeting 
                                                                                 Meet with Deborah Denis for Church Membership
Wednesday, Sept. 20         12:30pm                        Becker/Gamble Committee in Gallery
Thursday, Sept. 21               5:00pm                        International Day of Peace
                                                                                 The Common Ground at Gillette Park, Sayville

Sunday, Sept. 24                10:00am                        Morning Worship
                                                                                  Welcome Deborah Denis into Church Membership
                                                                                  Baptism of Benjamin William Neal
Saturday, Sept. 30                                                    Presbytery Day

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