Friday, January 6, 2017

This Week at Old South Haven Chrch

Friday, Jan. 6                                                       EPIPHANY
                                                                  The 12th and last day of Christmas
Saturday Jan. 7           9:00am            Remove tree and Christmas decorations
    12:00pm            Saying" Good bye to Linda Scott"
                            as she moves from our Community
                               Carriage House

Sunday, Jan. 8           10:00am             Morning Worship
                                                              Sermon:  "His Baptism...and Ours"
                                                              Lessons: Matthew 3: 13-17
                                                                              Acts 10: 34-48

Tuesday, Jan 10        9:30am       Long Island Council of Churches
                                                                 Board Meeting
                                                          Presbyterian Church, Smithtown   

Saturday, Jan. 14       12:30pm              South Country Peace Group
                                                               34th Annual Membership Meeting
                                                                            in the Gallery
Sunday, Jan. 15         10:00am               Morning Worship
                                                                Sermon:   "Come and See"
                                                                Lessons:   John 1: 29-42  
                                                                                      I Corinthians 1: 1-9  
Monday, Jan. 16                                       MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. DAY
Friday, Jan. 20           12:00pm               Mid Suffolk Presbyterian Clergy
Sunday, Jan. 22         10:00am               Morning Worship 
                                                                Sermon:   "The Proximity of God"
                                                                Lessons: Psalm 27: 1, 4-9
                                                                               Matthew 4: 12-23
Monday, Jan. 23          7:00pm               Session Meeting
                                                                Passing of 2017 Church Budget  
Saturday, Jan. 28          9:30am              Presbytery Meeting: Garden City
Sunday, Jan. 29          10:00am              Morning Worship
                                                                Sermon:    "The Blessed Ones"
                                                                Lessons:  Micah 6: 1-8
                                                                                 Matthew 5: 1-12
                                    11:30am            Annual meeting of Congregation
                                                                           and Corporation 
                                       2:00pm            South Country Peace Party
                                                               St. James Episcopal Church Annex                                                                                                                   

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