Thursday, December 1, 2016

This Week at Old South Haven Church

A Note from Thursday's Child, one of the mission concerns of our Congregation:

Sunday, Dec.4          10:00am          Second Sunday of Advent/ Holy Communion
                                                          Sermon: "A Noel to the Lone Ranger"
                                                          Lessons:  Psalm 132: 11-13  Luke 7: 1-23
                                                          Lighting he Candle of Peace       Ken Asselta
                                                         (place articles for Christmas Boutique in Gallery)
Tuesday, Dec.6          1:00pm          Lunch Bunch at the Manse 
Saturday, Dec. 10    10:00am-3:00pm            CHRISTMAS  BOUTIQUE
                                                                             Carriage House
Sunday, Dec. 11       10:00am        Third Sunday of Advent
                                                        Sermon: "Something New is trying to be Born"
                                                        Lessons;   Isaiah 40: 1-1  Mark 1: 1-8
                                                        Lighting the Candle of Joy
                                                        Sunday School
                                   5:00pm               "SOME  ENCHANTED  EVENING"
                                                                         songs of Broadway
                                                           Cheryl Savitt-Spielman,Soprano
                                                           Rinaldo Toglia, Tenor
                                                           Daniel Ragone, Pianist
                        (See Attachment for flyer)

Friday, Dec. 16           7:00pm      Deacons, Elders, Officers, Staff Party
                                                               at the Manse
Saturday, Dec. 17       9:00am      Decorating Christmas Tree and Church
Sunday, Dec. 18         1:00am       Fourth Sunday of Advent
                                                      Sermon:  "Present Perfect"
                                                      Lessons: Zephaniah  3: 14-20  Luke 3: 7-18
                                                                          Philippians 4: 4-9
                                                      Lighting the Candle of Love
                                                      Christmas Story: The Sunday School
Saturday, Dec. 24     11:00pm              CHRSTMAS  EVE  SERVICE
                                                                     Lessons and Carols
Sunday,   Dec. 25     10:00am       CHRISTMAS  DAY  WORSHIP
                                                       Sermon: Christmas Affirmation"
                                                       Lessons:  Isaiah  52: 7-10  John 1:1-14
Sunday, Jan 1          10:00am                 NEW  YEAR'S  DAY
                                                       Morning Worship/  Holy Communion

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