Tuesday, April 5, 2016

This Week at Old South Haven Church

Sunday, April 10               10:00am     Morning Worship
                                                             Sermon:  "Look On The Other Side"
                                                             Lessons: John 21: 1-19   Acts 9:1-6
                                                             Sunday School
Sunday, April 17                10:00am     Morning Worship
                                                             Sermon:  "The Shepherd Is My Messiah"
                                                             Lessons: John 10:22-30  Psalm 23
Tuesday, April 19                                       Primary Day
                                            12:00pm   Presbytery Meeting
Looking Ahead
Saturday, May 28                                 Church Yard Sale/Bake Sale
Pastor Tom is embarrassed
Someone left a gift, wrapped in baby paper, at Pastor Tom's Birthday
Celebration. No card attached nor inside the box in which was a
beautiful sweater and a pair of gloves, He would like to thank the
giver but, even in asking around, is still not identified.
It's a mystery

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