Thursday, January 28, 2016

This Week at Old South Haven Church

    A snow  storm on a week end makes it necessary for a church  to make  the important decision of whether or not to cancel worship services and other activities..  Based on the information given to us, namely, that we could have the driveway and parking lot plowed early Sunday morning, we elected to have Sunday morning Worship. Then Sunday morning we learned that the plowing could not be done and we reversed our decision . I want to thank Kappy, and John for acting quickly on this reverse situation by not only getting the word out on e mail but also telephone calls made. We needed to be concerned, as well, about the Sunday afternoon AA meeting. I believe we reached our church worship attendees. A couple of AA newcomers did not receive the word and I extended apologies to them.
     If you want to receive the sermon that had been prepared, check the attachment. Printed copies will also be available this Sunday.
                                                                                                                                          Pastor Tom
Saturday, Jan. 30             8:30am - 12:30pm            Rescheduled Presbytery Meeting at Oceanside
Sunday, Jan. 31                10:00am                           Morning Worship
                                                                                   Sermon:      "Love Is A Decision"
                                                                                   Lessons:     Luke 4: 21-30
                                                                                                       I Corinthians 13: 1-13
                                          11:15 am                           Annual Congregational Meeting   (rescheduled)
                                             5:00pm                          Vespers

Saturday, Feb. 6                   3:00pm  
 featuring in return engagements
Leslie Valentine, Mezzo Soprano
Christopher Reames, Tenor
Daniel Ragone, pianist
 Flyer available as attachment

Sunday, Feb. 7                   10:00am                          Transfiguration of the Lord Sunday
                                                                                   Sermon:    "Deep in the Valley"
                                                                                   Lessons:  Exodus 34: 29-35
                                                                                                    Luke 9; 28 -36
Wednesday, Feb. 10                                                    ASH WEDNESDAY
                                    12noon and 7:00pm          United Services with Bellport United Methodist
                                                                                           in Bellport;   imposition of ashes
                                                                                            Pastors Yuri and Tom
Saturday, Feb. 20                                                  Celebration of Pastor Tom's 80th Birthday
                                                                                      Carriage House
Sunday, Feb. 21                              3:00pm       Choir Concert of Church Choirs in the area
                                                                            United Methodist Church in Bellport

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