Monday, November 30, 2015

This Week at Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

SPECIAL  NOTE:    This SATURDAY, December 5, at 9:30 am we will  be putting up and decorating this year's Christmas tree,
We need some strong young (!) persons to erect the tree and put the lights on, and others to do the decorating, The past few years we have done this on a Sunday after Morning Worship but that interferes with choir practice time SO let's put it up a day earlier.
                                                                                                             Pastor Tom 

Sunday, Dec. 6         10:00am                Second Sunday of Advent
                                                                        Holy Communion
                                                    Advent Theme: " Active Verbs of Advent"
                                                                    Sermon:    "Waiting"
                                                    Lessons:   Malachi 3: 1-4   Luke 3: 1-6
                                                    Lighting the Candle of Peace:   Brian Mullahy
                                                    Sunday School will meet to prepare for their play
Tuesday, Dec. 8          1:00pm                Lunch Bunch at the Manse
Thursday, Dec. 10       7:30am           Mid Suffolk  Presbyterian Clergy
                                                                      Royal Oak Diner
Saturday, Dec. 12      10:00am-3:00pm      CHRISTMAS  BOUTIQUE
                                                                          Carriage House
Sunday, Dec. 13           10:00am        Third Sunday of Advent
                                                     Advent Theme: "Active Verbs of Advent"
                                                               Sermon:     "Anticipating"
                                                      Lessons:  Micah 5: 2-4   Luke 1: 39-56
                                                      Lighting the Candle of Joy:
                                                      Sunday School will meet to practice for their play
Thursday, Dec. 17        6:30pm    Church Officers and Staff Christmas Party at the Manse
Sunday, Dec. 20         10:00am                 Fourth Sunday of Advent
                                                      Advent Theme:   "Active Verbs of Advent"
                                                                  Sermon:     "Receiving"
                                                                   Preacher:   Linda Majowka
                                                       Lessons:   Isaiah  7: 1-15     Matthew 1:  18-25
                                                       Lighting the Candle of Love
                                                       Sunday School will offer their play
Monday, Dec. 21           7:30pm                 Session Meeting
Thursday, Dec, 24          11:00pm            Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
                                                                        Lessons and Carols
                                                                        Choir and Guest Soloists

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