Friday, August 28, 2015

This Week at Old South Haven Church

Note: This week has been a busy week in the life of Old South Haven:
                1. The Capital Fund Campaign Committee got out their letter to  church members and friends. You
                            should have received your letter by now. Thank you Committee for your work.
                2.  Articles for the Newsletter were received, edited by Lyn Scott, printed by John Deitz and should  
                            be  in your hands shortly. Online version is available at
                3,  Posters for the "Making Beautiful Music Together" event were distributed and should be seen at 
                              various spots around: the two libraries, eating places, etc. and some fliers mailed to music 
                              lovers. For downloadable flyer, click
                 4. Work has been done in gathering information for the printed program for this music event.
                 5,  Your Pastor plans to have his sermon for this week done before Sunday
                 6. This is the legitimate excuse for this late edition of the weekly e mail!!
                                                                                                                  Your Pastor
This Sunday                         10:00am                                  Morning Worship
                                                                                  Sermon:   "Grace to Live and Act'
                                                                                  Lessons: Job 28: 1-28    I Corinthians 1: 18-31
Tuesday, September 1          1:00pm                                 Lunch Bunch Group
                                                                                     at home of Irene Stahman 
Thursday, September 3          7:30am                         Mid Suffolk Presbyterian Clergy Breakfast
                                                                                             Royal Oak Diner
Sunday, September 6          10:00am                                Morning Worship / Holy Communion
                                                                                   Sermon:  "Ready Or Not"
                                                                                   Lessons:  Joshua 24: 14-18  John 6: 60-69
Saturday, September 12        3:00pm                              "Making Beautiful Music Together:
                                                                                   An Afternoon of Romance in Opera and Song"
                                                                                   Maria D'Amato, Soprano     Dimitrie Lazich, Baritone
Sunday, September    13       10:00am                                    Morning Worship
                                                                                   Sermon:    "In For The Long Haul"
                                                                                   Lessons:  Philemon    Luke 14: 24-33
                                                 5:30pm                                   Church Supper
                                                                                   Speaker; Rev. Tom Goodhue
                                                                                                    Executive Director
                                                                                         Long Island Council of Churches
Thursday, September 17         10:00am                    Long Island Council of Churches Planning Retreat
Prayer List:      The Rev. Jeannie Baum has had back surgery and is now in rehab in Riverhead. Bob          
                         informs us she hopes to be home in another week.

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