Wednesday, May 6, 2015

This Week at Old South Haven Church

A hearty thank you to John and Richard who took the sofa, cumbersome TV',s and other items, left  on our property a couple of weeks ago, to the Dump. Just for the record the two loads totaled 600 pounds. Let it be noted as well that this was done on John's birthday. What a way to observe a birthday.
Thursday, May 7        12noon             Long Island Council of Churches Annual Meeting
                                                                     First Presbyterian Church of Smithtown
Saturday, May 9        12noon                         South Country Peace Group 
                                                                 Program Update on Encampment Program
                                  3:00pm                       Memorial Service for Gladys Hilton
                                                                       reception following in the Gallery
 Sunday, May 10     10:00am                               MOTHERS  DAY
                                                                  Sermon:    "Not Left Orphaned"
                                                             Text:  "I won't  leave you like orphans" John 14: 18 (CEV)
                                                                   Lessons:  Deuteronomy 24: 17-21  John 4: 15-21
                                                                                      (Contemporary English Version)
Saturday. May 16     5:00pm                      "Opera and More..."
                                                                   presented by Becker /Gambles/Music Fund
                                                                   South Country Education Foundation   Tickets $30
                                                                   featuring Janelle Kirton, soprano
                                                                                   Kristin Starkey, mezzo- contralto
                                                                                   Joseph Kyungjjn Han, baritone
                                                                                   Daniel Ragone, piano.:
Sunday May 17              10:0am              Morning Worship 
Monday, May 18            7:00pm                  Session
Saturday, May 23          9:00am  3:00pm            YARD SALE and BAKE SAL:E
Sunday, May 24               10:00am                                PENTECOST

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