Wednesday, April 15, 2015

This Week at Old South Haven Church

Wednesday, April 15              7:30pm                       Finance and Property Committee Meeting
Thursday, April 16                   7:30am                       Mid Suffolk Presbyterian Clergy Breakfast Meeting
                                                                                                                Royal Oak Diner
Saturday, April 18            10:00am-4:00pm               Seasons/Day of Reflection
                                                                                   Day to Explore led by Rev. Tom Castlen
                                                                                             Little Portion Friary, Mt. Sinai
                                                                                              (Pastor Tom attending)
Sunday, April 19                   10:00am                      Morning Worship:Third  Sunday of Easter
                                                                                   Sermon:   "Opening Eyes/ Opening Minds"
                                                                                   Lessons:   I John 3: 1-7   Luke 24: 36b - 48
Monday, April 20                     7:00pm                      Session Meeting
Wednesday , April 22                                                Earth Day
LOOKING  AHEAD        May Calendar
Saturday, May 2                  9:00am                          Holmes Program Preview, Luncheon and Tour
                                                                                   a chartered bus will leave from the Presbytery Office in Commack
                                                                                   at 9:00am cost $10.   (see Pastor Tom)
                                                                                 Welcome at Homes at 11am with preview and discussion,
                                                                                      12:30pm lunch; 1:15pm  camp and youth facilities update;
                                                                                       2:00pm tour of Holmes; 3:00pm Departure for Long Island
Sunday, May 3                                                          Pluralism Sunday
Thursday, May 7                12:00pm                         Long Island Council of Churches Annual Meeting
                                                                                                First Presbyterian Church, Smithtown
                                                                                                Program : Msgr. Donald Beckmann, Keynote Speaker
                                                                                                Speaking on his Ecumenical and Interfaith Experience
Saturday, May 9                 12:00pm                         South Country Peace Group Meeting
                                                                                     Program: Update on Encampment Program: Jason Neal
                                                                                         and  program participants
                                             3:00pm                          Memorial Service for Gladys Hilton, mother of Darcy Stevens
                                                                                                              reception in Gallery
Saturday, May 16                 5:00pm                           "Opera and More..."
                                                                                       presented by the Becker/Gambles Music Fund of the
                                                                                                    South Country Education Foundation    
                                                                                                            Tickets $30   
Saturday,  May 23               9:00am - 3:00pm              Yard Sale and Bake Sale
Monday, May 25                                                           MEMORIAL DAY
 Sunday, May 24                                                           PENTECOST

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