Wednesday, August 13, 2014

This Week at Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

Sunday, Aug. 17 10:00am Morning Worship
Sermon: "Telling the Biblical Story:
It Speaks To Me"
Lessons: Hebrews 11: 1-3, 8-16, 32 -12:2
John 1: 1-18

Monday, Aug 18 7:00pm Session Meeting
at home of Nancy Best

Saturday, Aug. 23 9:00am Yard Clean-up Day

Sunday, Aug. 24 10:00am Morning Worship
Sermon: "We've a Story To Tell:
Listening Before Speaking"
Lessons: John 21: 15-25 Romans 12: 1-21

A note from Pastor Tom
The July 31, 2014 issue of The Long Island Advance contained an article "Village weighs in on land-use plan" which indicated that Bellport Village officials had sent a letter to the Town of Brookhaven opposing the North Bellport Land Use Plan. The following week the paper carried letters from Nancy Marr and John Rogers from the Greater Bellport Coalition challenging the arguments made in the Village's letter. John asked me, as one who has shown support for the plan, to consider writing a letter to Town Clerk Donna Lent indicating support. What follows is that letter:

Dear Ms. Lent:
I wish to respond to the opposition shown toward the Bellport Land Use Plan which is presently before the Brookhaven Town Board and has received negative reactions, particularly from individuals in the Village of Bellport.
I came to the Hamlet of Brookhaven eight years ago to serve as Pastor of Old South Haven Presbyterian Church. Our Congregation
includes members who reside in North Bellport. From the time of my arrival I have shown interest in proposals coming from the Greater Bellport Coalition. I have attended meetings of the Coalition when my schedule so permitted. I have been most impressed with the commitment and thoroughness with which both the concerns and the problems of North Bellport have been addressed. I need to say I have been distressed by the attitude of many in the Village of Bellport in addressing the North Bellport issues. Often I have heard, and even from friends who reside in the Village, "North Bellport is not Bellport nor our problem." The attitude expressed has been of negativity rather that that of a positive approach.
I feel the Bellport Land Use Plan is a positive document with recommendations which will address the problems and the concerns of residents not only in North Bellport but of the surrounding area. It is obvious that there is a need for affordable housing together with the development of business in the area leading to economic stability. Key to this is the development of the area around Montauk Highway and Station Road centered around the LIRR station.
The North Bellport "problem" has been there for years. It is about time to address it. I find the Bellport Land Use Plan to be a positive step forward. We cannot let the present situation continue without dire consequences.
Rev. Thomas J. Philipp, Pastor
Old South Haven Presbyterian Church
Brookhaven, New York

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